Monday, March 24, 2008

Catch up post------

Finally I am making this verrrry late post. I work in a hospital where the flu/pneumonia season has been the worst we have seen in about five years and then we were also moving our hospital to a brand new location. This is all behind us now after the last week so hopefully no more late posts. To catch up for 3 months (I know that is truly terrible of me)---
For December we received 2 Christmas plates, 1 cookies for Santa plate, snowman sippy cup, Teddy Bear with Santa hat, and a polar bear hat/mitten set.
For January-we received a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy and the movie Ratatouille. We love this movie so a big thanks for it.
For February--we received a ton of cooking items. This included plastic bowls,spatula set, wooden spoons, cookie cutters, mickey straws, pooh cutlery, and an adorable kids chef hat and apron set. We both love to cook so we especially can't wait to try out these items.
I hope you stay with the exchange because you do such a good job with the theme.


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