Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our Clever Secret Pals!!

Oh, My Pals you really brightened our day! In the middle of yet another week of bad colds and icky viruses, our package arrives! So, first we have to wait until Daddy gets home, and that's really hard to do, but we manage. And what do we find? The coolest cookbooks ever!! My kids were screaming from excitement just from hearing me read the titles, I'm not kidding! There are so many neat, creepy, weird, and just plain gross things to make--we'll never run out of fun.

I've mentioned before that my Pals are accomplished poets and once again penned a sweet poem for us. Ending with a clue, of course!! I've decided that you are both unsung Poet Laureates (or is it Poets Laureate? hmm...) Thank you, thank you!
Dawn and The Gang


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