Saturday, June 28, 2008

The McMillin's new pal rocks!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our old pal had to drop out of the swaps and I am lucky enough to have gotten a new secret pal! I received my first gift today packed into a handmade gift bag! It included a beautiful rosy cheeked, very soft doll (with removable diaper and shirt), an adorable tug boat for the bathtub with little boats that change color when the water is the right temperature, a fun book "look what's from China" with a ton of fun facts I didn't know that will certainly be fun to read with Leilani and an adorable little pink hat for her to wear. My new pal also remembered my birthday with gorgeous silver hammered earrings I put on immediately and some chocolate to help with the wait (I can't save that for Leilani). Thanks again, new wonderful, special secret pal! Blessings, Jan


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