Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hats Off to the Wohlfords' Secret Pal!

Dear Secret Pal,

I am extremely sorry again for being so late with my thank yous. We were crazy trying to get everything done before we left for China and there were more than a few things that we just finally had to let go and know that we couldn't get them done before we left--including our thank yous to you, part of Will's room, research for the trip, and more! But now we are almost in a sort of normal groove with things, and we want to send you a big thank you. On a brighter note, since it took so long, we could take some pictures of Will with his gifts. Unfortunately, he's had a cold, so it was impossible to get him to smile like he usually does.

Thank you first of all for the ADORABLE hats and matching socks and jacket. They really were the cutest I have ever seen. I especially loved the little hoodie with a tassel! I was so excited to get them and picture Will in them. (And he does look cute in them, I might add!) The jacket will grow with him for quite a while. Your gift provided a little "relief from packing" break which I desperately needed. I've never had so much trouble packing for anything in my life. The 44 pound, one suitcase limit for your in-China flights made it more than a little difficult!

We had our Waiting Game package here for us waiting when we got home from China. It was a wonderful way for us to celebrate our waiting game finally being over. John was trying to child-proof, so we were locked in the bathroom in our jammies opening your gift. It was the first "official" present Will has ever opened with us. He of course, went straight for the puzzles because of all the little things with wheels. He is playing with one of the pieces as I write. He hasn't quite figured putting them in the right places on his own yet, but he loves to pretend to drive them. Cars, trucks, etc. are his favorite things in the world right now. The puzzles were so cute and we only had 1 wooden puzzle until you sent these. Thank you so much. We have put the card games and Chute and Ladders in our game closet until he's a little older. We love games and cant wait to play them all!

We have so many wonderful things that people have asked us about. We have been able to say, "One of our secret pals gave us that!" You and our other secret pal have been such blessings to us. We really appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. Your gifts are being put to good use now!

John, Tara, and Will

P.S. I'm having trouble getting the pictures to upload, so I'll keep trying back.


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