Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Secret Pal Boxes For The Appletons Today!!!

Our ever-faithful secret pals sent us TWO boxes of goodies today! One box contained things related to the "birthday theme" including a birthday shirt, the book, Every Year On YOur Birthday, an autographed copy of the beautiful book Made In China, and a cute little memory book to keep track of each birthday. Oh we loved loved loved all of the stuff they picked out for us! The shirt is sooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and I love the autographed book! Thank you for having it autographed "To Rebekah"! That is so thoughtful of you!!!!!!!!
The second box went with the theme, "Games To Play." and Pooh Memory, a little backpack with card games such as Go Fish, Doggie Match, etc., a Toys R-Us Travel pack with little games and activities, and the book, Pat-A-Cake And Other Games. You guys are just plain awesome! We are always surprised by what you pick out for us each month and the love you put in to each month's goody box! Thank you so very very very very much!!! We also loved the card and we offer our support during your "trying" time!


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