Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey Firecracker!

Dave and Di's Secret Pals have sen us such lovely games and gifts for June, including an outfit for our future little firecracker to wear next 4th of July!

(Pssst.... And, okay fellow Pandas, I think we can finally safely say we will all have kiddies at home with us next 4th of July. that is my prediction and I'm sticking with it! Don't tell China!)
I don't know how these pals of ours do it, but they always know my taste perfectly. They sent a little ladybug bikini-skirt bathing suit that I have been ogling for months now and telling myself "No! Save your money!" because, yes pals, you are right, we are trying to buy a house. We went into escrow last Friday, so, if everything works out with the home inspection, scheduled for this week, we will be moving in... in July!

It is a mystery to me how you knew just exactly the bathing suit I have been wanting. You are sooo cool!
I know I've played Hi Ho Cherry-O before too. What a good set of games/toys!

Also, we always like the notes you send, but this month's was especially cute, and the sentiments are very sweet. We glued it to the adorable polka dot envelope, and are going to frame it and hang it in Sophie's "new" room, which we're still going to keep in a red color scheme.

Big love and smooches to you guys!

PS. The dog and cat treats you sent do not appear in the photos because they have already vanished! Those cat treats must be the equivalent of kitty chocolate, because they disappeared in like seconds! Both treats were very much appreciated!


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