Monday, June 26, 2006

New from NC

Hi my name is Maryellen and I am married to Chris, and we have 2 children Ben (11) and Hannah (9) we have a yellow lab named Murphy and a cranky cat named Sasha . We have lived in NC for about 8 years and love it!! I am a special ed teacher and my husband owns a sports apparel company. We love to travel and can't wait for our trip to China! Speaking of China, we have requested a girl 12-24 months of age. We decided on her name even before we submitted our dossier....Her name is Sophia (her Chinese name if I can say it:) Gene (Chris's grandfathers name. He passed away a few years ago and we know that he would be beyond happy with a new great grandchild). Sophie will be sharing a room with Hannah. We have everything all set to go. Hannah picked the color etc. I am going down the list of questions to answer: I don't have any strong dislikes, well ok , the Wiggles drive my nuts. I love to knit, read and travel. Its great to have the summers off with the kids. We hang out at the pool, and still have time to get our "housework" done before Dad gets home :) You can visit our blog to see what we have been up to this summer.


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