Saturday, September 09, 2006

Introducing Andy and Tina Kadisak

Hi- I wanted to introduce ourselves so my new scret pal knows something about us! Well- my name is Tina, and my husband is Andy. We have been married for 11 years this December. (Wow- how time flies) We started dating Senior year of highschool. We have a bio daughter named Ivy. She will be 7 in December. Ya- December is a big month for us around here. Ivy just started 1st grade this year, and loves it, though it was hard for mom the first few days. I'm 31 and DH is 30. (But I look younger)
The way we came to China was actually a long road. I had Ivy w/ out any problems, not so lucky the second time around! I was diagnosed w/ pre-mature ovarian failure. We spent 3 years on ferility treatments. Then tried a domestic adoption, which fell thru. We had baby Luke home w/ us for 3 days when his mother decided to parent. which brought us to China. It's been a long road to give my daughter a sibling but I'm glad there is an end in sight. Even it's still far off.
So- lets talk about Andy. Andy is a Senior business systems analys for a very large bank. I have no idea what that means!! In his free time he likes to play golf, actually he is obsessed w/ golf! Andy is a big White Sox, and likes the Bears. Oh- did I mention we are from the Chicago area?
I just started my own business at home. I am a hairstylist, and was working the same salon since I was 15 years old. But- I really think starting to do hair at home was a great descsion. I spen a lot of time w/ Ivy. I do a lot of volunteering at her school, and I'm her Brownie Leader. I love it. In my free time I spend way to much of it on this computer. I read a lot of magazines. Basically- People, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. I enjoy going out w/ my friends no matter where it may be. I love vacation, and entertaining. Oh ya- I have a problem, an addiction to Starbucks, I spend way to much money there. I am also a huge country music fan. I have been to 6-7 concerts in the past year.
We have LID of 3/22/06, we requested a 6- 12 month old girl. Though- I think they could refer me a monkey and I would be happy!! Her name will be Adaleigh, we are going to call her Addy. I'm waiting to start the nusery in Jan. But- I am doing red, white, and black. And ladybugs. I hate Character stuff, Ivy gets so annoyed w/ me, cuz- of course she is a princess freak.
I'm sorry I've been rambling on and on ( but I have a lot to say) I look forward to getting to know everyone. We have a blog if anyone wants to check it out.


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