Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Buhler's Are Spoiled Again!!

I knew yesterday was going to be a lucky day and I was right!! (We were 5 mths Logged in on the 5th!)

Our secret pal gifts arrived!! This months theme was "Animals".

The pink outfit you see is toooo cute! It has ladybugs all over it! There is also a ladybug on the flower which sings when you press on it, a ladybug pink toothbrush, 2 board books about animals and the cutest panda bear baby toy! This toy has sensory gadgets on each paw for baby to play with!

Each month our secret pal always thinks of our boys as well which is sooo amazing! This month however, I couldn't take the picture fast enough! The boys had their chocolate bars eaten and were gone to the park to play football with their new nerf football!

Thanks so much secret pal!! We love EVERYTHING!!!


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