Saturday, September 02, 2006

thank you so much to wohlford's secret pal!

Thank you so much once again! My husband told me when the box came last Friday. Unfortunately we were on our way out of town, so I had to wait until Sunday to open it. That was probably good timing, however, because we were helping with a baby dedication at church and were a little sad about our own baby not being there. But the gift cheered us up!

You are such a great pal! It was so thoughtful of you to remember the frogs. The one you gave us is especially soft and cuddly. The light switch plate goes perfectly in our play room. I can't wait to get finished painting it so we can put it up. I'm going to take some of the ladybug paperclips to school to brighten my days there. (Which I need!) The squishy blocks will be great for the baby! And books are my weekness. They were perfect. Soft books are especially hard to find. I hope you have a great month!


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