Monday, September 11, 2006

The Lindbergs say "Thank you, Secret Pals!"

Today we received our wonderful animal themed August gift! The first thing that popped out of the box was a super cute, cuddly toy sheep. There were also a sheep shaped bath and shower sponge and three beautiful pictures with a sheep, a pig and a cow. All these will be perfect for our new nursery theme: Animals on the farm (especially sheep...)! On top of this there were a beautiful panda with a Chinese shirt, a whole set of finger dolls in the shape of different animals (from Ikea!), dark cocolate where part of the profits go to support endangered species (good for us and good for nature - perfect!) and, finally, treats for our cats, Selma and Signe. And of course, as always, a nice and beautiful card! Thank you, Secret Pals, you are the best! We love you!

Emma & Dan in Sweden

Signe the Cat wonders if there migth be something in there for her as well...


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