Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thanks Gollnick Secret Pal!!!

What a nice surprise! We have been so busy this month that I completely forgot about secret pal gifts! (I sent my SP her gift earlier in the month before the craziness hit our house!) We loved everything! I had read on APC a few months ago about the Dora doll, but I have not remembered to pick one up, so thanks so much! The panda toy will be coming with us to China for sure. I will be bringing the DVD with me to school on Tuesday to share with my class. For the record they need to cancel school on Halloween....The kids are CRAZY!! I love the little sweatsuit and can't wait to see our little girl in that next year. Ben and Hannah wanted to order Chinese tonight so we could use our new chopsticks and chopstick holders. You spoil us:) Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity


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