Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A yummy thankyou to the Obriens pal

Thankyou so much to the O'Briens secret pal
The gifts you sent were wonderful. The boys went nuts over the moonpies that was the first time they ever tried them and mine also they were so yummy! The cat is adorable. I dont know where you got the Asian stationary set but it is beautiful! I cant thankyou enough how thoughtful. I plan to use the pen at work everyday and when I see the little girls face on it it reminds me of my little Anisha. The full moon book is neat the moon squeaks how cute! You have great taste secret pal!

I thought that was cute how you marked next months gift on both sides of the bag like you know me very well. I shake things and like to peak but I honestly didn't.
Thankyou again secret pal


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