Saturday, March 17, 2007

Appleton's Receive Feb/Mar Goody Box!!

Doug and I could not believe when the mailman brought this huge box to our door and then we saw that it was from Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal..........what in the world did they get us??????? We went downstairs to the den to open it and the cats followed us...even they were excited! We kept pulling out one thing after was unbelievable! They had sent two months worth of goodies. The February theme was, "Cuddle Me Softly" and they had sent a big stuffed Carters brown bear, a four pack of onesies with little bears, a hooded towel/washcloth set,a soft purple blanket and a pair of footed pjs with bears on them. I had to unpack everything and look at how tiny and cuddly everything was! How SWEET! Then they sent stuff for the March theme which was "Ladybugs and Pandas". They sent this really cool blankie that has the head of a panda and the feet at the other end but it is a SOFFFFTTTTT blankie! How sweet! They also sent a Fisher Price panda soft book/toy and a ladybug crinkle toy with rings, a popup book about a ladybug that is so adorable, a ladybug flying disk, and a message board that has ladybugs on it. They also sent a beautiful silver bracelet with panda charms on that Susan quickly put on HER arm! Not sure if they meant that to be Rebekah's but right now, it's Susan's! hahahahahahaha They are so good, they even sent a pack of balls for the cats to play with and of course they are all over the floor now! We really feel like the cats get just as excited when it's Secret Pal time as we do! They ALL follow us downstairs and sit right at the box watching us unpack everything! They KNEW which one was their's too! MEOW (thanks) from the girls!
Our secret pals ALWAYS ALWAYS make our day! This has been a particularly hard time for us since hearing that we probably won't be getting baby Rebekah until March of next year. We have really struggled with this news and Susan has shed a million tears of frustration in the last couple of weeks. This goody box from our Secret Pals really touched our hearts and it's so touching to know that there are people out there who are working towards this same goal along with us. These people have become our dear friends and one day there will be a happy meeting of us all going on in China! God bless our Secret Pals for their love and support. THANK YOU!


At 9:21 PM, Blogger Dawn Shelton said...

Wow!! That is AMAZING! Enjoy your loot! :)

At 10:16 PM, Blogger chad-roscoe said...

We adore your cats! How sweet they are! Love the crazy look on the B&W one's face! And your little girl will be even sweeter when you get her. Don't worry. We'll all make it through together.
Di & Dave


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