Friday, March 16, 2007

Thanks from the BeDell's

Well, I finally broke out my camera and photographed all the wonderful stuff I got last month and this month! (Which is really sad because I'm a professional photographer.) Anyway, Thank you so much to my new secret pal. We love you and are loving your presents! We loved the Chinese New Year gifts. They were all so awesome. We will have a lot of fun with all these cool decorations each year! My 8 yo son wants to hang one of the lanterns in his bedroom right now year round. :) And he was very interested in the lucky money that goes into the red envelopes! OOO - Are we gonna do that tradition, mom? That sounds like fun! And I really had my eye on that Moonbeams, Dumplings and Dragon Boats book for a long time! It's a great book! I love all the little bracelets, they are so cute!

You sure nailed the "cuddle you close to my heart" theme too! I love the little cow snuggly that says "hug me" on him. He will be getting lots of hugs and cuddling and then even more once my daughter comes home! And that little blankie is so pretty and soft and cuddly!!!! Love it!

Thanks again,



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