Monday, March 05, 2007

We hit the motherlode!!

Thank you so much to Cathy L.'s pal!! Check out this loot we received for February's theme. This month it's all about comforting... ME!!! With CHOCOLATE!!! hehehe

We received 2 giant **chocolate** ladybugs and a giant box of Russell Stover chocolates! I'm in heaven!!

When you break open the giant ladybugs, inside are a bunch of little baby chocolate ladybugs!! LOL :) They are so cute! Where did you ever find these? (and NO we did not give up chocolate for lent) (thank goodness - I wouldn't have survived that)

We also received 2 bookmarks (which I will make use of immediately) and a cute little wind-up ladybug. Thank you so much once again! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some... er... 'sampling' to do!!! :) (and NO, DH can't have any! oh okay, I guess he can) See you next month - looking forward to it as always!
Love & hugs, Cathy


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