Tuesday, May 08, 2007

About Robby and Tonja

Name: Robby and Tonja, currently living in NJ, but moving to NC this summer
Girl or Boy Requested: Girl
Age Requested: 0 - 12 months, as young as possibly
Name: Marissa (waiting to decide on her middle name)
Nursery: Her theme is called Ruffles - pink, lt green, yellow and purple. We had painted her walls a light yellow/green and had put up a border. Now we will have to re-do that once we move.
Likes or Dislikes: I like diet cokes, chocolate, scrapbooking (when I have time) and reading romances. I also love warm weather (summer is the best!).
Hobbies or collectibles: I collect anything that has to do with lighthouses and DD collects small teddy bears that have the name of a city and or state on them.
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: I love Japanese Cherry Blossom scent from Bath and Body.
Favorite Author or Genre of Books: I do not have a favorite author but love to read romances.
Favorite Movies: I like pretty much anything EXCEPT scarey movies
Favorite type of Music: Christian and country
Registered at what Stores: None (not sure if I will do this)
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I love surprises. We have a 10 year old daughter, adopted from China in '97; our son, Kyle, adopted from Korea in 2000 died in a car accident on 12/10/03. I am not hard to please so do not stress out when shopping for me. Have fun! I love our Marching Pandas group. You are the best!!!


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Susan Appleton said...

Tonja, I love your family picture! I can't wait til you move to NC and we can meet up! I loved reading your information and think you sound like a really wonderful person. You like Country music???????SO DO I! I grew up in a family that played country/bluegrass music and traveled doing shows. I even lived in Nashville for a bit during college and would love to move to TN again once we get the baby. KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!
Susan Appleton


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