Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All about Megi...

My husband and I live in New Berlin, Wisconsin. We are looking forward to being first time parents! It has been a blessing to have found such wonderful people (FEB & MAR DTC/LID) to share the ups and downs of this entire experience!

Requested: We requested a "girl" - as young as possible
Name: Janie Irene (we think)
Nursery: Frogs (lavendar/mint green)
Likes/Dislikes: I love surprises!
Hobbies/Collections: Travel, Golf, Gardening, Wine, Martini's, Sunshine
Books/Author: For Janie, I want to start collectiong Baby Einstein CD's, DVD's, Books, Toys ... I am a magazine junky (Parenting, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Adoptive Parents, In Touch, Star) - otherwise I read about parenting (a lot to learn)!
Movies: Award winning (current) films or foreign films - no sci-fi movies...
Music: Hip Hop/ R&B, Jazz, Top 40, Old Rock - no Country (love playing live concert DVD's while cleaning)
Registerd: Not yet, other than a few (more than a few) outfits - we are holding off on purchasing things. The nursery is ready to go (frogs) - will do this summer!
I am a pretty easy going person and love to laugh and have fun. I am eager to be a first time mom - so I just about love and appreciate - anything!!!
DTC February 13th
LID March 7th


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