Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Tack så mycket" to the Lindbergs' Secret Pal!

Thank you, wonderful Secret Pals! We got a box today full with fantastic things just for us: An aromatherapy candle, Bubble bath, Massage Cream and Herbal Soap, all with my favorite fragrance: Lavender! To go with this a lovely bath thingy (see upper right in picture - I don't know the word in English). We also got a box of Oolong tea (sooo trendy in Sweden right now!) and about a hundred tea bags of different kinds! This is super, because we are great tea drinkers. My DH got two CD:s especially made for him: Lots of Jazz and Alternative Mix. He's a music lover, so he's very happy! I hope I'll be allowed to listen in... This was all packed together with a beautiful card in a homemade purple pillow case. Secret Pals - you are spoiling us! Tack så mycket! (Thanks a lot!)
Emma & Dan Lindberg from Sweden


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