Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thanks to Dave & Di's awesome Pal!

Hello Dear Pal~
We were just thrilled once again with the gifts you sent, which just happened to come during a week when I needed cheering-up.
We received a lovely beach/picnic bag full of picnic gear, games, & snacks.
As you can see, we already started eating the snacks (that's Dave reaching for more delicious chips), because even though we are dieting, we know that secret pal snacks are fat free and only 1 calorie! "And we are enjoying the heck out of them!" she wrote, all the while munching a mini-Milkyway.
The picnic idea is a great one I think, very clever! We are going to take your advice and try to get some picnics/weekend trips together before we have to start reserving a room with a crib! (Although we can't wait for that too :).
Can you believe it's 3 presents already? I feel like our wait is just going to fly thanks to you Secret Pal.
We wanted water bottles for jogging, by the way, so those were extra fantastic to see in the bag.
The bag is very pretty too. I am using it for my carry-on when we fly home to visit family this Thursday.
Thanks so much; can't wait to meet you in China!
Have a lovely week/4th of July.
Dave & Di


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

What a great gift! Ooh, I love Sudoku -- fun!


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