Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thank You From The Buhler's!!!!!

I'm soooo sick right now with Strep Throat and had been away on holidays with our boys, but today just got a bit brighter when I found our secret pal box and these wonderful goodies inside!!!

*Precious Moments Salt & Pepper Shakers

* "Love Soup" mix

*2 Puzzles

*ladybug Slippers

*Ice Cream Bowls and Spoons

*Chocolate Covered Pretzels

*Popcorn and Money for a Movie!!!

*Picture Frame

*Corn Muffin Mix


And if you're wondering why you can only see one of the puzzles in that picture above, it's because I can't seem to peel this new "fishing" magnet puzzle away from the boys!!

They love it!!!

Thanks secret pal!!! You've once again gone way out of your way to make us feel so special!! You really are amazing to us!!!

We are so blessed!!



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