Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Swap Member

1. Name
We are David, Laura and Sydney Marusa from Colorado. David is a software developer for a school district and Laura works for a real estate developer, banker, movie producer, race car driver, minor league hockey and basketball team owner, pilot…in other words, a wealthy businessman. Sydney is our 3 yo daughter who is anxiously awaiting her little sister. We have two cats, Garbo and Blizzard. Our family website: but it only contains pictures.

2. Girl or Boy requested
We have requested a girl.

3. Age requested
The age we requested in our dossier was 6-18 months; however, we have had it changed to reflect up to 36 months.

4. Child’s name
Her name will be Campbell Jo (Chinese name) Marusa.

5. Nursery/theme
Boyd’s Bears, Boyd’s Bears and more Boyd’s Bears!! Very girly colors.

6. Likes/dislikes
We enjoy our Friday nights and dislike Monday mornings!!

7. Hobbies/Collections
We spend most of our weekends on the lake. David is a boating enthusiast and is building a mahogany boat. He also enjoys gardening and spends a lot of his time on remodeling projects around the house. Laura enjoys scrapbooking, shopping, reading, event planning and decorating our home…is also hoping to take up golfing. Sydney enjoys dancing, reading, puzzles and drawing. She loves to collect horses.

8. Favorite fragrance or scent
David won’t let me bring anything into the house that is too floral smelling.

9. Favorite author or books
Laura is currently reading the Left Behind series of books, as well as the Lost Daughters of China and The Martha Rules. I have a stack of parenting books and other books that I have yet to get to…but once I finish one of the two I’m currently reading, I’ll dive into something else. Sydney loves to have anything read to her. She loves stories about animals (especially horses). David is currently reading the Hillary Clinton book and just got done with the Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter books.

10. Favorite movies
I don’t know if we have favorite movies…but we do watch a lot of movies. We enjoy action, comedy, drama, and chick flicks.Sydney loves Spirit, MickeyMouse, VeggieTales and other animated movies.

11. Favorite music
My iPod contains a variety of everything…country, classical, pop, disco, Christian…you name it, I have it. David listens to NPR and Laura listens to KLOVE. We also enjoy listening to Barry Manilow, Elton John, Michael McDonald, Jim Brickman.

12. Registered at what store(s)
We haven’t registered anywhere. I’m not sure of the proper etiquette which adoption…also, considering I had two baby showers while I was pregnant with Syd.

13. Anything else you’d like your secret pal to know about you?
We think we have a little girl. There was some question about whether we would be able to adopt her, since she was with another agency’s waiting child list. We received word (today, in fact), that both agencies are working together to bring her home. She is 3 years old. I think Sydney is going to have a difficult time adjusting to a sister that is only 6 months younger…she really wants a “baby” baby sister.

We look forward to sharing our experience and journey with another waiting family.


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