Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thanks to the Schlotterback Secret Pal!!!

I received my June surprise and I just want to say Thank you thank you thank you!!!

The dress you sent for baby Schlotterback is one I almost bought at BRUS!!! That is so cool, because I wanted it!!!

I love the picture frame and the bath and body goodies. Moonlight Path is my favorite scent of all time, and juniper breeze is another favorite!! I just ran out of shower gel, so your gift came at an awesome time!

Derek's not home yet, so he hasn't opened his gift yet. It's driving me batty- I want to open it so badly! But I'll wait. Another exercise in patience, right?

Let's see if Blogger will let me upload some pictures...

Thank you so much!!!

And thank you for the MAY gift that I was so bad to post about.... I promise I will do better!

I LOVE CLASSIC POOH!! Rest assured these guys will be loved and played with all the time! I'll even share with our baby when she comes home!


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