Sunday, July 16, 2006

Three Cheers for Perrotta's Pal!!

Oh, my gosh!!! THANK YOU SECRET PAL!! You make your packages so much fun to open!! This time the package was addressed to my husband and me--so I HAD to wait for him to get home. We took turns unwrapping the plethora of gifts wrapped in pretty tissue paper and just got such a kick out of everything! Of course being first-time parents we started to realize that our little one is going to need lots of cabinet space for her food and dishes!!

We received bowls with lids, spill-proof cups, portion snack cups, a fresh-food feeder (to prevent choking) and a collection of spoons--all in cheery rainbow colors and all in the take or toss make--super idea!! Those will be great to travel with to China, I'm sure. The one-shot formula bag made my husband a little nervous though, as it alerted him to the fact that our daughter will most likely be on formula, not cheese pizza, when we receive her!! :) My super Secret Pal also sent us a Cookbook for Mommy & Me and a child’s sunflower apron. Soooo sweet!! The recipes look simple and lots of fun, and I cannot wait to tie that little apron around our daughter! And just to keep things neat and tidy, our Secret Pal sent us a Dora table topper and a sweet collection of what look like homemade bibs made from hand towels--what a clever idea!! The March DTC Bib was great hit too, but I don't want it to get messy!!! :)

Oh, and I almost forgot the food!! (I didn't include that in my March DTC post. oops!) Our Secret Pal has got us covered, thank goodness!! We'll need every bit of help! She also sent us Gerber banana puffs, sweet corn puffs, and sweet potato puffs AND a box of Gerber biter biscuits--I'm so tempted to open up a box and try one!!

Thanks again, Secret Pal, for brightening up the wait time with your thoughtfulness!! You make a difference in our lives each month. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! :)

All my best,
Valerie Perrotta


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