Thursday, May 24, 2007

All about Georgette P.

Hi, I am so excited to be joining this secret pal exchange. Anything to help me get through the wait! My name is Georgette(32) and My husband is Rusty(33). We live just outside of Nashville, TN in Goodlettsville. We have three dogs, Kayleigh, Gabbie, and Lancie but this will be our first Baby and we are so excited. We are LID 3/15/2006 with CCAI.
Requested- Girl
Age- 6-18 months
Name- Jaden Elise (CN)
Nursery- I have had Jaden's room done since we were LID, big mistake. I love Disney so her room is done in Disney babies the colors are lavender and pale yellow.
My Hobbies- Photography, reading, and scrapbooking
Music- Well Country of course.
I cant wait to get this swap started and cant wait to find out who my secret pal is. Maybe we will meet in China.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Susan Appleton said...

We are in Danville, VA but hoping to move to outside of Nashville after we get our baby. We are LID 04/05/06 and this will be our first baby! Maybe one day, our babies will be friends if we move near you guys! I used to live in Nashville and went to Belmont University.
Keep in touch!


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