Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommie-To-Be Appleton Says, "Thanks Secret Pals"

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I really enjoyed it. Doug and I went to church and heard the children sing a song for all of the mothers. Then they passed out potted flowers and one little girl gave me one. I told Doug,"I'm not a mother yet," and my sweet husband said, "yes you are, you're a mother-to-be or a mother in waiting." He took me out to eat dinner at Outback....yum yum and bought me some more flowers for my garden on the patio. He is such a sweet hubby!
Then today I got a Mother's Day card from our March DTC Secret Pals and it says, "For the Mother-to-Be." WOW, what a cute card! Thanks Secret Pals! We love you guys too! Today after work, I went out shopping for our secret pals gifts for the month. The theme is Music and Melodies........what a fun theme to shop for! I spent about an HOUR just in the toy department! hahahahahahahaha How cute is that that I shopped for our Secret Pals and then get home and there's a card from the Secret Pals that have our names? hahahahahahaha


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