Monday, May 14, 2007

The McMillin's revisited....

Since we will be getting a new pal with the May exchange, I thought I would repost our information, with some changes...We are:
Name: Mike and Jan from Northern CA
Girl or Boy requested: Girl
Age requested: As young as possible...
Name: Leilani Mei
Nursery: Her room is a beachy theme...Hawaiian pink flowers fabric for the honey pine wood crib. We painted the walls with purple and lilac to break up the pink!
Likes or Dislikes: I like coffee, tea, chocolate, taking tropical vacations, cruises (probably won't be doing much of that anymore...) quilting, gourmet cooking, baking, scrapbooking, floral arranging, gardening (Egad, I sound like Martha Stewart....)
Hobbies or Collectibles: I love being outdoors working in the garden, antique store shopping with friends, flea markets, garage sales, doing crafts, spending time with family and friends.
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: Anything vanilla, especially Vanilla Bean Noel or foody scents like buttercream.
Favorite Author or Genre of books: I admit it - I don't read much for pleasure, too much reading to complete my doctorate in 2005! I have been trying to learn a little Chinese for the trip.
Favorite Movies: Anything I can rent on Netflix-going out is too expensive and I have to buy their greasy popcorn.
Favorite Type of Music: Smooth Jazz-especially Peter White and Contemporary Christian
Registered at What Store(s): Target, Amazon
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I am a labor and delivery nurse and I love my job! I also love surprises! I have been very, VERY bad (according to my DH) about buying things already for our little Leilani... I have a closet full of clothes in sizes from 9 mo-4 year old...I love to shop and I am really good at it! Thanks in advance to my new secret pal!


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