Monday, June 04, 2007

Musical Goodies For The Appleton Family

Today we got a wonderful package from our Secret Pals that was full of "music and lullaby" items. It was a joyful experience to unwrap every gift and to feel how much effort Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal put into picking out gifts for us to share with our baby Rebekah one day. Even our kitty, Chelsea, couldn't WAIT! As soon as I popped the top open on the box, she jumped in and REALLY didn't want to come out.
So, what did we get? Well, they were VERY creative and bought us matching tshirts from The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio (we wondered why they needed our shirt sizes). They also got Rebekah a bib from there and a fork and spoon set! How cool! They bought us 5 CD's and one of them is called Gotcha Day by Ann Pence (I had NEVER heard or seen this before). Two of the CDs were Baby Einstein. The other two were lullabies and Fun Songs. WOW, they really do spoil us rotten!
Then they got a stuffed Elmo and two musical books for Rebekah to play with! I just LOVE those! THEN on top of all of that, Mrs. Secret Pal surprised Doug with a second box of TECH goodies just for him! From one techie to another. He loved the tshirt, hat, pen that was in the box just for him!
Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal. We love you guys and not just because you send us so many cool things but because you really put a lot of LOVE into our goodies! Your notes and letters are so appreciated and your goody boxes always seem to come on a day when we need a little pick-me-up.....tomorrow is our LID-iversary (the 14 month mark) and we really needed this today! THANK YOU!
Susan and Doug


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