Thursday, May 24, 2007

All About Connie D

Wow, who would have thought we would still be here planning another secret gift exchange - I am very excited to be a part of it but am very much hoping that our wait is almost over!!

My name is Connie our LID is 2/27/06 - my DH (Bob) and I have been married for 18 years. We live in New Castle, DE. We have two boys - Bobby (17) and Chance (10). Other members of our family consist of Lexi our Wired hair Fox Terrier and Tinkerbelle our Yellow Lab - both of which have our boys personalities - when they play or fight they are easily compaired to the boys as to who they take after.

I am one of 5 and ever since I was little I have always wanted to adopt and that was something Bob and I agreed on from the start and now our dream is ALMOST a reality!

We can't wait to have a little girl in the family and the boys can't wait to have a little sister - Chance is always saving things for her and telling me how he is going to be the BEST Big brother!

Requested: A GIRL - under a year
Name: Not sure
Nursery: Disney Princess
Likes/Dislikes: I love everything!
Interests: Spending time with the kids, photography, camping, walking, and any other activity
Books/Author: For the kids - I have collected hundreds of Little Golden Books as well as various Disney themed books; for me I have read tons of books from Danielle Steele and more recently I have been reading various books about China (i.e. The lost Daughters of China (still reading), The Joy Luck Club (very good) etc...)
Movies: All types of movies especially anything Disney related
Music: All types - if it has a good tune I will listen to it!!
Registerd: Not yet - we are holding off on purchasing things. The nursery is not ready - we know the theme but that's about it - we are hoping to start it this summer!
I am a pretty out-going person and love to have fun and just enjoy life to it's fullest - we are always on the go - making life an adventure.

The major change for us is - as the boys put it - everything will be pink (well maybe not everything pink but at least a girly color).

I am very much looking forward to meeting some new people and hopefully some in our area.


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