Tuesday, June 05, 2007

O'Briens camera working thankyou dearest secret pal

Dearest Secret Pal,

I finally got the camera working and the first picture I took was of the wonderful gifts that you have sent to us these past few months. These are the March April and May gifts. You have great taste and I love everything you have sent. Our pal sent a purse where you can put pics in it, a cute panda bear that my boys adopted for their sister, photo albums, ladybug windsock so cute, the alphabet audio cd with matching book secret pal it will be put to great use when Anisha comes home. The letter A sticky papers, a ladybug book mark, adorable pony tail holders pink and purple. The cards that are homemade by my dear secret pal are added to Anisha's memory book.

Again secret pal thankyou so much for your generosity.


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