Monday, June 11, 2007

May and June goodies for the Lindbergs

Today we received a big box full of great stuff for both May and June. There are so many great things! Thank you a million times, dear Secret Pals!

For June we received this cute bag filled with useful stuff (see below), chewing gum and a sweet card.

So many things for our baby: Sesame Street band-aids, strawberry and banana flavoured toddler tooth paste, a nasal aspirator and ear syringe set (we'll send you a grateful thought when baby gets her first cold!), a travel set with spoons and forks (Great for China!), a miniature bottle of soothing balm, a teething ring and a baby soap. The soap is supposed to be a clue to our SP:s identity... Is it the Spanish text that should lead us in a certain direction? But I don't think you are from Mexico! The first clue was a Polaroid picture we got last time together with the Polaroid camera. Perhaps I'm stupid, but I need more clues!!

The May gifts arrived in this beautiful ladybug carrier!

Inside were these wonderful things: a Fisher-Price toy that makes noise, a CD with soothing sounds for babies (like Highway Hum, Rain Falling and Spring Cleaning!) and another CD "Bedtime with the Beatles" (What a funny idea - to make instrumental versions of the Beatles' songs for babies!), a ladybug castanet, yummy chocolate (I love dark chocolate with fruit in it!), panda cookies and treats for the cats.

The cats loved their toys! I didn't have time to take the toy squirrel off its holder before Signe started playing with it!


Emma and Dan in Sweden


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