Friday, June 09, 2006

Thank You from the Korbers!!!

I want to thank my Secret Pal from the bottom of my heart!! Your gift this month is so awesome! We received delicious chocolate covered cherries (yummy!), wonderful vanilla scented candles, body oil (which smells soooooo good!)lovely slippers to keep my feet cozy, and a Blockbuster gift card!! We are movies junkies so that was an awesome surprise! We will use it this weekend to treat ourselves to a few movie rentals.

You are so kind and thoughful to send us such lovely gifts every month. Your generosity is appreciated so very much!!!

A million and one thanks,

Valeri and Ron Korber

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thankyou to the O'Briens Secret Pal!

These are the gifts too pretty to open but I did and look what I got below.

Thankyou to the O'Briens Secret Pal

Secret Pal
Thankyou so much for the really cute gifts! The colours will match perfectly in Anisha's room. I received a really cute Old Navy piggy bank which I have already added money to, blue flowers, a little pink trinket box, floral wallpegs now I have never come across anything like these before down here and they are so cute. I also received a really nice blue picture frame with an altrasound picture of China where my little Anisha is. That was a really sweet thought Secret Pal and greatly appreciated you dont know how much.

Thankyou again Secret Pal