Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pina Present from New Secret Pal!

We are very excited to have a new Secret Pal! I was so excited to see my package on the front porch when I got home. Inside was the cutest doll that I can't wait for Allison to play with. Thank you, Secret Pal, for the wonderful gift and I look forward to seeing what you send each month! Please visit our website to learn more about our family!

All Treats No Tricks!

Boooo! Waaahahhhahhhha!

David and Di's Secret Pals scared up a fantastic goody bag of Halloween treats for us.

First was "Dave's Flashlight."

Yes, he has claimed it for himself.

Then we received two adorable dolls for Sophie.

Finally we received adorable baby outfits (I especially love the mermaid one),

and you can see them here as modelled by Dave.

The cat toys are hanging from the screen door and driving the cats wild, and Chad has devoured his treats too.

Happy Halloween Pals! Yes, you are right, next year we will be with our little girls for this. Maybe Daddy Dave will share that flashlight with Sophie too.

You are the greatest!



Thursday, November 01, 2007

Check out these pix!

OK, it seems I'm a novice at posting photos here. I just sent a post with pictures from all summer and only one showed up, eek! Please bear with me! Here are the rest of the summers gifts I received from my wonderful SP Megi. I wanted to post pictures before, but my old computer would never cooperate.

A Beautiful Doll For The Appletons

Yesterday we got our monthly goody package from our March DTC Group Secret Pals. We have had the same secret pals for many months and every single month we are amazed at what they send and how much heartfelt thought they put into it. This month the theme was Dolls and when I opened the box, inside was the prettiest little Precious Moments Doll dressed in the cutest little ladybug outfit. She even has ladybugs in her hand! She is a vinyl doll so one day baby Rebekah will be able to play with her although I might hold on to her until she is older and won't do weird things like cut her hair thinking it will grow back (oh yes, I did that to SEVERAL dolls! hahahahahahaha). She is the most angelic little doll and I personally LOVED opening the box! Did I mention that I still love dolls????? hahahahahahahaha Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal!!!! You're the best!

Thank You Megi, my "old" Secret Pal!

Megi, thank you so much for everything you sent us this summer! Though I was able to thank you, I was never able to post pictures due to my ancient computer, but now I can! I've been saving them up all summer so I can brag about you! The very first gift way back in May was the "Boo-Boo" theme. Now you can all see the very clever Animal Hospital toy she sent. How cute is that? What did I send my Pal? That's right, a first aid kit! Absolutely no imagination here. The next month was Beach Baby: check out these adorable outfits! I can't wait to see those on our little one. Next was Crafts, and we hit the jackpot here. Markers, coloring books, paints and cool Dora doodle pad! After that was the Kindness month: and here we have the pretty Disney princess gown, and princess plate, bowl, cup and spoon to match. Everything for a proper Princess meal!

Thank you Megi! You put so much thought and effort into everything you chose. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Thank you to the Culp's New Secret Pal!

Well, I have another incredible Secret Pal! We received the beautiful Mulan doll and a Dora the Explorer China doll. I opened the box and said "Oh, a Disney Asian doll!" And then my 5 yr old informed me that she was Mulan. And then asked if she could keep her in her room "high on a shelf and I'll never touch her, I promise." No deal, kiddo. The Dora doll has a cute pink outfit and even comes with a glow in the dark friendship bracelet--so, so cute! Thank you so much, Secret Pal! After we put the gifts away in Baby Sister's closet, I took my kids out for ice cream. How's that for parenting skills?

Now, I have finally bought a new computer and will attempt to post pictures. I'm embarrassed to tell you how old my old one was, so I won't. Thank you again! Oh, and your note was lovely--a poem, no less. Yes, a poem with a clue inside. A very tiny clue, but still a clue nonetheless. Who might you be???



Thanks from the NC Shelton's

Awww..... isn't she beautiful??? Thanks SP for the precious little Cabbage Patch baby. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted. Crazy time of year for us. Caitlin turns 11 on Saturday and she had her birthday party last weekend (7 girls sleeping over) to celebrate since she has a gymnastics meet this weekend. It has taken me most of the week to get caught up from that.

The mail person rang the doorbell and let the present at the door. I told Robby "Look!!! Marissa has been delivered to our doorstep". Okay, not quite Marissa. Someday I will be posting pictures of Marissa playing with her baby Cabbage Patch. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Many thanks to Jernigan Secret Pal

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful gifts for October and November. We absolutely love the outfits, books, the chinese outfit, hairbows, stuffed animals...everything! You really know how to spoil us. We can't wait to see our baby Julianna enjoying all the awesome gifts you gave us. You are the BEST secret pal ever! Thanks again!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thank you again to Cathy's secret pal!

I'd like to send huge thanks to our wonderful secret pal! Check out this gorgeous "Build-A-Bear" we received for this month's theme!! I just love-love-love it. The bear is dressed in the traditional women's Chinese red dress outfit, which is a satin and floral fabric. It also comes with matching satin red slippers, a fan in one "paw," and beautiful hair "chopsticks" with tassels. It also came with a birth certificate which named the bear "china Bear Lam"! DH thought that was just so cool! It is just so sweet! I love the Build-a-Bears because you can get so many great outfits for them. This will be treasured for years to come - thank you so much for this great gift! You have excellent taste and I am looking forward to next month!! ha ha! Love, Cathy

Korber's Secret Pal

We want to thank our Secret Pal for the gifts for September and October. I will post a picture later of Jensen with the items. Blogger won't let me do pictures right now for some odd reason. Jensen loves the fishing set and the roller skates especially. I wish you could have seen him playing with the fishing set in the bathtub this morning. It was a priceless moment!! He was laughing and giggling over it so much. Thanks again!!!