Friday, October 20, 2006

Thank you Kelly and Joe Shook

Thank you two for the thoughtful October hair stuff ~ lots of little orange bows, pumpkins and fall clips and the total added surprise of an orange sippy cup and Halloween ABC board book which is the cutest thing ever~ I only hope I can see them on my little Leilani next Halloween...(I can dream right!?) Thanks again- WE LOVED everything! Jan and Mike

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Fall!!

I received my gift several weeks ago. So sorry to just now be posting. We received an adorable Taggi book(which I have been wanting for months-Thank you!) and stacking cups that are fitted with the ability to drain (to play in the bathtub). There were also special treats for the parents-wine holder rings and Matt is sure these are just for him-Chocolate Cake and Lemon Cake. Thank you for helping us get through the looong wait time.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank You Hensley's Secret Pal!

What a great Secret Pal you are! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! We love everything - the Chinese bookmarks are just beautiful, we'll have some fun with the Fortune Sticks, and the dishes, spoons, and chopstick rests are just wonderful! How did you know that I LOVE blue and white dishes??? :-) Thank you so much for your generosity and your thoughtfulness! I can't wait until we can share these beautiful, thoughtful gifts with our little one! Thanks again so much! :-)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Thank You to the Blat's Secret Pal

How did you know that Halloween is Bob's favorite holiday? The Halloween outfit is so cute, it even has boot-cut pants, my favorite! The candy is very nummy! I was so excited to come home and find a package. You did a great job we look forward to seeing Baby B. in them!

Jenni and Bob

The books have arrived!

Many thanks to the Barnett secret pal. Your package arrived on Saturday. The boys quickly decided which Soduko book each of them could work on. Please do not feel obligated to send something for them each month. They love it, of course, but it isn't necessary. I love each of the books you selected for our daughter. The sign language book will be very useful. The multi sensory book is great and I am sure it will be chewed on! And of course, "I Love you like Crazy Cakes" is a beautiful story. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Cari Barnett

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thanks To The Appleton's Secret Pal

We simply LOVE our Secret Pals! They are the greatest and they even have an email address that is anonymous so they can write us little emails from time to time! AWESOME! The other day I got home and THERE WAS A BOX from them. I couldn't wait to open it, but I was a good little wife and waited for Doug to come home from work. What a wonderful box of goodies it was! They (Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal) had sent us two Precious Moments goodies: one was a little girl holding a pumpkin and the name of it is "I'm so happy I picked you" How appropriate is that for an adoptive couple????? The second one was a Precious Moments frame with a beautiful little poem in it. Then they sent two candy bags, one containing Mounds and one containing Pay Days! That's our favorite candies. We also got two little Mini-Halloween board books and a wooden Halloween frame to paint. The Halloween card was so festive! I love Fall and it is my FAVORITE season of the year so all of the goodies were wonderful to receive. THank you Mr. and Mrs Secret Pal. Our little cat, Chelsea even played in the box and had a grand time!
Love to you both!
Susan and Doug

Thanks to the Clark's secret pal & Book Swap Buddy!

My camera is broken but I wanted to say a quick and heartfelt thanks to the Clark Family secret pal. We loved the sweet ladybug board book and can't wait to read "The Waiting Child".

To Julie Sosnowski- our book swap buddy! You are amazing! My children LOVED the books you sent. It was like you read their minds and what a nice treat!I am slowly reeling the books back in so that I can read them, too. We can't wait 'til we can share them with Ruby! Thanks again!
Tiffany Clark

Thanks Again To The Guschel's Secret Pal

Thanks again to our wonderful secret pal for the perfect autumn festival gifts.
And by the way, we did wait till October 6th to open them!! Sorry for the lateness of the post, though.
We have an authentic red bean moon cake that we will be sharing with family members, so they too can join in with trying this moon festival treat.
The book "Round Is A Moon Cake" is so wonderful, we look forward to the day we can read it to Renee.
Also make note of the beautiful lanterns, I only have the pink one opened, but we are trying to save them for Renee, and we also are trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into the decor in Renee's room.
Many thanks to our fantastic secret pal!!!!

Thanks from the Kadisak family

I want to tell my secret pal thank-you!! The gift was wonderful. I've been wanting to buy the book, but I haven't yet. We have not tried the moon cakes, but will soon. I have to admit that some people have scared me some with them! Ivy gets so excited when she gets to open a present. Thanks so much for thinking of her. Now she is harassing me to go buy a pumpkin. So- we will do that soon. Thanks again-
Tina Kadisak