Monday, October 08, 2007

Poeppelmeier Secret pal! Thank You

OK I am so sorry secret pal! I have gotten three gifts from you and all have been wonderful! I am sorry I have not posted my thank you sooner but as I hope you know we got a "surprise" promotion and had to relocate over night. I just made it back to Nashville to get my gifts. They were all so wonderful! I have the best secret pal! Thank you so much!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Lindbergs' want to say a proper thank you for July, August and September!

Dear Secret Pals,
I'm so sorry I haven't posted any pictures until now, but as you know we have moved and have been very busy. I have appreciated your gifts as much as ever, but I just haven't had the time to find the camera, take pictures (preferably in daylight), find the cable and publish the pictures. But today I have taken time off all the cleaning and unpacking I should be doing, to finally post pictures!

The September (not October, as I accidentally wrote on the mailing list) package arrived safely a few days ago. Mr and Mrs Secret Pal had decided to spoil me and DH this month and to send presents for the family we are now. It's a very sweet idea that touched my heart! The package contained a Chinese cookbook (great, because I love to cook genuine Chinese food!), a picture with a comforting Chinese proverb ("Keep a green tree in your heart and a singing bird will come." - This will go on our wall somewhere in the new "digs"!), two beautiful Chinese tea mugs with pandas on them, hot chocolate powder (looks yummy!), a pair of pretty pearl ear rings in a little bag (so cute!), a bath duck in a swim ring (really cool!), a felt bag kit that makes a ladybug purse and some colorful toys for the cats. Thanks a lot - I loved it all!

The theme for August was Arts & Crafts and we got a beautiful ladybug canvas bag stuffed with all these things: paper and two kinds of crayons, a colorful coverall with butterflies, foam numbers for the bath tub, magnetic numbers for the fridge, a ladybug drinking cup, a strawberry t-shirt, a Mickey Mouse bib (I guess this is the clue!), some candy for us and, as always, some nice things for the cats (treats and a toy). I am so much looking forward to playing with all these arts & crafts things with my child!

The July gift consisted of a lot of great things our child can play with on the beach. I don't know the words for all of it (and I can't find my dictionary) but you can see in the picture. There was also a toy boat, cool sunglasses, a bath octopus and a very cute little Chinese farmer girl on a tractor with a cow. For us there were chocolates and for the cats a totally crazy flowerpot mouse (see picture below). The card was very funny with coffee and wine "stains". I loved everything! I very much appreciate that you send us things in all kinds of styles and colors! I love bright colors for children (even if I also appreciate pastels now and then!). Thanks for everything! You are the best Secret Pals I could imagine and I am so glad you are staying in the Secret Pal gift swap!

Selma with the crazy flowerpot mouse (on one of our million boxes...).

Finally a picture of the view from our new apartment in Uppsala. It's not meant to be religious, it's just that we live next to the Cathedral of Uppsala and a few weeks ago there was this marvellous rainbow just over the church!

Emma in Sweden with DH Dan