Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thank you Perez Secret Pal

Secret Pal,
Thank you so much for your August gift. We love all the cute things we got! A Baby Einstein toy, a couple of other very cute and educational toys, a book for my son's to record their thoughts and observations about their new sister in, a soft book for the baby, and a book for me. And I LOVE the adorable lady bug shirts and the big stuffed panda bear! You are the best secret pal, and you spoil us all! Mary Rose is going to have a room full of things before she ever gets here! Thank you!
Brenda & family

An Extra Goody From The Appleton's Secret Pal

Today I got a small package from our secret pal. It was a beautiful quilt square and a notepad that had REBEKAH written on it that our secret pal had seen and thought of us! What a sweet added extra little bonus that came on a very hectic day when Susan needed a little boost of thoughtfulness. There was a beautiful card sent with the quilt square and wish for our little "Rebekah" and we just want to say thank you Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal for doing that little something extra! We are so blessed to have you thinking of us and going the extra mile! God bless!

Susan and Doug Appleton

Wow Secret Pal!

Thank you so much for this month's gifts - you really outdid yourself! Asher and Abi are so excited every month when a package comes for 'Baby Xiao Xiao' and they particularly enjoyed helping me to open this one. Abi and Asher both have a panda from when we traveled to China to adopt Abi so it is lovely that their little brother/sister will have one too. That was really nice of you to include the activity book and stickers for Asher and Abi. We are half way through our long summer holiday so these will come in handy to keep them going for the next half! We are huge cat fans and love the cuddly moggy. The body suit (I think you call them onesies?) is very cute. Basically we think everything you sent is wonderful! Thank you so much.

Monday, August 07, 2006

To the Hawkins' Secret Pal!!

Well you did it again and we love it!! So many goodies, take and toss snack cups, bibs, disposable bibs, take and toss disposable cups, milk powder dispenser, no spill cups, feeding plate, fork and spoon set!! I can't wait until we can use these goodies!! Thank you so much! I really look forward to your packages every month!!
Thanks again,