Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thank you to Lam's Secret Pal!

Thank you so much, Secret Pal! Here is our great selection of August things. We received a dalmation, a kitty book, a caterpillar, a Tigger, and an adorable fabric panda book that has a little panda that you can put in various pockets on all of the pages. One of the pages has a cute ladybug -- how perfect! I'm sure this will be a big hit with little hands. I love the ladybug tissue paper too; I had to get that into the picture! :) Thank you again for the wonderful card, and your thoughts & prayers which we are coveting every day, as you know. Bless you & (((((hugs)))))!
Cathy & Mark

Thank You From the Guschel's!

Thank you once again secret pal. I love the multicolor socks with the little animals on them. The outfits...what can I say, they are so precious, I cried when I opened the package. Thank you they are just beautiful. I hope the picture I took does them justice, they are so cute. Also thank you for the beautiful card with the small dragon flies on them. I so appreciate your attention to detail. Thanks so much.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

The animals were a hit!! Thank you for everything. This month we received a dog toy, book, a fuzzy cat coat, a silver "G", stuffed bear, animal socks, and a Scottish terrier change purse.

We appreciate everything so much.

Thank you from the Dos Santos Family

Thank you to our secret pal. You have done it again and I ADORE all of the little butterflies!! I hope that all of the thought that you put into this gift is clear in the photo. From the sunshade to the panda cold pack to the ladybug hair set to the cute soother set, we love everything, especially the lavender butterfly clock, hair clips and the photo album. I also LOVE The toothfairy box. That made me tear up because I am the one who has purchased toothfairy boxes and books for all of my friend's kids and our niece and nephews. It is AMAZING that we will have a daughter to share this little ritual with, after so many years of waiting. It is a precious gift in so many ways.
I also couldn't resist taking this photo of Camie with the card that you sent. Too cute.
She had to check out all of the gifts!! I have been really sick this week and you really made my day!! Thanks again.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank you Metotts secret pal-August

Thank you so much for the gifts this month. The boys loved their zebra and giraffe! They just went into toddler beds this week and these animals have helped make their transition a little easier. They didnt even fight over who got which one (amazing!). Miah will love the elephant, animals book, bath toys and outfit. And the chicago sox bib was a clue right. Okay I know you at least live in Illinois. Cant wait to find out who you are though. One month closer to bringing home our little girls! We all really look forward to your gifts and you make our day. Blessings to you. Oh, I also used my bath toys this morning (hehe).

Appleton's Secret Pal Sends Awesome AUGUST surpises!

Well our secret pals outdid themselves once again! WOW! We got our August box of goodies today and had an absolute BALL opening each and everything! Last time Susan opened most of the goodies so this time it was Doug's turn. Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal were AWESOME! They had so much stuff in that box! First of all there was an adorable outfit that had a top, pants, and matching booties. They all had ladybugs on them! How adorable! There was a TY Beanie Bear that was just the cutest thing and so soft! There were 2 baby bibs-one with a ducky and one with a bear. There was an outdoor flower twirler to catch the breeze and it too had a ladybug on it! Also included in our surprise box were two ladybug pacifiers, a little journal notebook with ladybugs and butterflies on it, a baby animals book, a teddy bear plate, some COOL cat scrapbooking decorations, animal scrapbook paper, and THREE mice for our three cats! Savannah, Tabitha, and Chelsea LOVED those! I've even enclosed a few pictures of them playing with those. When I took them away from the girls to photograph, Chelsea ran up and got hers and took off with it! hahahahahaha
Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal! You made our day so much brighter and we just simply LOVED EVERYTHING! The card and letter you sent were also wonderful. We keep those in Rebekah's journal that Susan is writing in for her. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
Doug and Susan! (and the girls who are at this moment playing like crazy with those mice!)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank you Sosnowski AUGUST Book Buddy

Sandy, Thank you so much for the wonderful Bedtime books !! I love all of them especially the 5 Wishing Stars!

I can't wait to read them all to Christina ! We really appreciate your thoughtfulness !
Thanks again, Julie Sosnowski

THANK YOU : Sosnowski Secret Pal

Thank you so much for the wonderful animal gifts !
I just love the 'talking' frog and the animal signs book ! I want to teach our daughter to sign,so this is a great way to start !

And I just love the Baby Einstein caterpillar !!

Thanks again! We love and appreciate all the wonderful gifts !!
Julie Sosnowski