Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Tank You Already!

Well, I had only just posted my thank you for my last gift when the very next day another parcel arrived! I never would have thought so many wonderful ladybird and panda things could be squeezed in one box! I'll leave my picture to tell exactly what we received but just want to mention the highlights for us. Obviously Asher and Abi think the panda bag stuffed with Starburst sweets is amazing! They are also very taken with the soft panda mask - I've never seen anything like that before but what a good idea! I think it is all great but my favourite is the Fisher Price panda toy. This was on my mental list of things to buy to take to China with us so I was really happy when I saw that! Thank you Secret Pal for your generosity once again.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Thank You Hensley's Secret Pal!

Secret Pal, you are so thoughtful and fun! Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts! We love them all! The ladybug onesie is absolutely precious! I am really looking forward to spring so I can put the ladybug windsock and garden ornament out in the yard - they are great! The meowing cat is so cute and funny - our Golden Retriever, Valkyrie, wasn't quite sure what to make of it! And the ladybug journal is great - I think I will use it as a memory book for our little girl and begin by writing who it came from - my wonderful secret pal! Thank you so much - everything is so nice and I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness so much! I've included a couple of pictures of your great gifts - I WISH I could read our dog's mind! Thanks again - you ROCK!!

Ladybug Thank-You

This month we received some adorable ladybugs. Our Secret Pal once again showed off their great taste in these gifts:Pink Ladybug Sunglasses, Ladybug Hairclips, a Matching "Snugglebug" ladybug shirt, and the Grouchy Ladybug book. Once again you have spoiled us and we love it!!! I can't wait to get Grace so we can use all these wonderful gifts.

We appreciate everything you do to make the wait a little easier!!

Thanks again,

Matthew and Lenora Totten

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thank you once again Secret Pal!

Thank you Secret Pal for the fantastic gifts you sent for the February theme. The parcel arrived yesterday, just in time to celebrate the fact that we are finally out of the review room. I love the fleece blanket with animals printed on it, very sweet. I am a big fan of comfort blankets and the one you sent is so soft! The giggling teddy bear was a huge hit and must have been played 15 times in a row last night. Finally, the little book is perfect for a snugly bedtime story. Thank you.

Monday, March 05, 2007

We hit the motherlode!!

Thank you so much to Cathy L.'s pal!! Check out this loot we received for February's theme. This month it's all about comforting... ME!!! With CHOCOLATE!!! hehehe

We received 2 giant **chocolate** ladybugs and a giant box of Russell Stover chocolates! I'm in heaven!!

When you break open the giant ladybugs, inside are a bunch of little baby chocolate ladybugs!! LOL :) They are so cute! Where did you ever find these? (and NO we did not give up chocolate for lent) (thank goodness - I wouldn't have survived that)

We also received 2 bookmarks (which I will make use of immediately) and a cute little wind-up ladybug. Thank you so much once again! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some... er... 'sampling' to do!!! :) (and NO, DH can't have any! oh okay, I guess he can) See you next month - looking forward to it as always!
Love & hugs, Cathy

Thank You Clark Family Secret Pal!

Our amazing secret pal send a package for this month and as usual, was outstanding in their choice of items. We love everything! Miss Daisy says Thank you for the rawhide bone. I could not get her on camera with it. She was very intently chewing away on it in her bed.

Thank you our wonderful secret pal! You are amazing!

The pacifier is extraordinary! Dan and I took it out of its packaging and were testing it out! It is a new version that has a spring loaded cover that closes to cover the nipple when dropped. Very cool! THIS is the site for the product if you want a closer look.

The heart decoration is hanging on the doorknob for Baby Girls room. And the dog house toy and blankie is adorable! The cozy p.j. is SO soft!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

And a Major Thanks for Our February Gifts!!!

Wow!!! Words cannot express how excited we were about our February gifts. You really outdid yourself! We were so surprised and pleased with EVERYTHING! I couldn't wait for John to get home, so I opened everything and then put it back in the box so John would feel like he was opening it when he got home.
I've said it before, but it's like you are reading my mind! Right before I got the package I had picked the exact same blanket up at the store and had been enjoying how soft it was--and one of my favorite colors. Then I found it in my box!
All the frogs were so adorable! Disco frogs! The first thing John said was, "I hope we can change the batteries!" aka, "We'll probably run the batteries down before that baby gets a chance to play with them." We've never seen anything like it! And the bathtub frogs are already gracing the babies bathroom.
The picture of John with the doll shows his sad face that he gets when he really misses the baby. The doll is so soft and cute!
I love music and Baby Einstein! Being a teacher, I like all the Baby Einstein stuff.
And what a cute sweater! I plan on having little outfits for all the holidays!
Thank you for being so generous, and once again, for having such great taste! We would be great shopping buddies!

Chinese New Year Thank You!!

Thank you so much for our chinese new year gifts! We love to try new things, so the cookies and tea were right up our alley. John had to have some tea right away. We, of course, tried the cookies too. I'm trying to be healthy, so it gave me a good excuse for a treat!
My family just happened to come visit on Chinese New Year, and we made them try the cookies. They're not much on new foods, but we didn't give them much choice. I think they actually liked them. I would have put a pic of them on here, but they don't like people seeing thier pictures--especially on the internet!
The picture of the food is actually what we made from the cookbook on Chinese New Year. One of my goals is to learn to cook Chinese food better, so your cookbook will come in handy! And we don't mean to gross everyone out with the picture of John feeding me, but we just wanted you to know that your chopsticks will be put to good use!
I hope your Year of the Pig is off to a wonderful start! Thanks so much for helping us make our Chinese New Year more meaningful and festive!

Thank you from Dave and Di to our wonderful Secret Pals for our February bonanza!

Well, we just love the presents you sent. Oh my gosh I have been eyeing these Corolle dolls forever! Thank you so much. Poppy Dave took her right out to play with. I love her little expression too. It looks slightly suspicious, as I imagine little Sophie will look at us when we first meet. She is just beautiful. And the taggie book and blankie are soo cute and soft, we love those too (dolly is sitting on the blankie which has ladybugs and butterflies on it!).

We will be posting you on our blog as well to brag to everyone about you. :)
You are very considerate and generous, and we hope you're all feeling better.

Much love~