Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thank you to the McMillin's March DTC Secret Pal!

As of January 2007, I got a new Marching Panda secret pal. Today, I
was so excited when my husband came in with a box from my new secret
pal! I ripped it open and found a stuffed Boynton pig to celebrate the
Year of the Pig! It is so soft and nice. Also, Leilani got a new cute
little pink summer shirt that says sunny day. Thanks again to my new
secret pal!

Perrotta's Pal

Greetings! I hope this looks okay. This is my first time posting photos!I posted my thank you on the March Yahoo group and mentioned that I would be posting the pics. So here they are! And I just love everything you treated us to so much. Thank you again!

Oh and here's a picture of our cat, Francis! I couldn't resist! He's our baby who is not normally allowed to lounge on the leather chairs! We caught him!

I'll post more if this works out!

Thank you Dana!

Thank you so much for the cuddly little piggy and the wonderful assortment of hair bright hair bows! They're absolutely beautiful and I look forward to the days when Hannah can wear them to church!

Blessings to you friend.

Love, Catherine

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thanks Gollnick Valentine!!

SP what a nice surprise!! And Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I love everything you sent for Sophie. Those bottle holders cracked us all up! I had to run out and get a bottle to show everyone how those little guys worked :) So cute. The book and outfit are perfect. Ben and Hannah loved the little pig you included, they forgot how much fun something without batteries can be!! The ladybug jewlery holder is cute and is proudly sitting on top of Sophie's dresser. I can't wait until next year when I can use the cookie cutter you sent and have BOTH of my girls decorate some cookies!! Thanks you are the best!!


The Gollnick's