Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Pampered Pie' Family

Thank you so much Secret Pal!!! We all feel very pampered!!! You are so awesome and are making this wait so fun! The swimsuit and sunglasses are just too cute. Right away Nicholas wanted to open the cat treats and give one to each of the cats. He gets so excited about finding the cats to give them their special treats. We love the Starbucks card and are already planning a date. Corey is so excited about his Packer hat. I can't remember the last time he got a new one! He was even wearing a Packer shirt when we opened the box :) We haven't been able to set up the new water toy yet, but I know that they are going to love it!!!! Mom and Dad might have to play too :) We love playing in the water in our family! Nicholas was also very excited about the balls and can't wait to take them to the pool. And of course, I am the pampered queen of the family and will have the softest skin around (and smell good too!).
We also really love all of your notes and the great effort that you put into each one of them to make them special. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!! We love having you as our secret pal. We hope all is going well for you during your wait for your daughter (or son?).
Big hugs from us to you,
The Pampered Pie's

Monday, July 03, 2006

Estok's Secret Pal sent lots of pamperin'!

A big thank you to my Secret Pal ... I received your gift today in the mail (and please don't worry about it being late - summertime is busy for everyone!). I received an adorable card, shower gel and lotion, a shower sponge, a vanilla candle and a wonderful Bath and Body massage kit. What a perfect gift for my couple days off from work!

Many thanks, Secret Pal, for making the 4th of July weekend special ... here's wishing you a great 4th of July, too!

Thank you Secret Pal

I want to thank my Secret Pal for all the wonderful gifts you sent me. I really feel pampered. I recieved your gift a few days ago when I returned from being out of town for business. I have already listened to that wonderful CD.
THank You very much.
Paulette Konstantaras

Sunday, July 02, 2006

new to S P gift exchange

We are Earl and Misty Ballantyne from Greenville, SC. We have 2 adopted children (nsn girl and a sn boy) from China and are adopting our third. Originally we were going for another infant girl, but God had other plans and has directed us to our new daughter SN Waiting child, Fu Dan, who is in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province.

Child's Age: Fu Dan or Danielle FuDan Ballantyne is currently 12 yrs old and will be 13 on October 10th. (Her short name will be Dani.)

Room Theme: She will be sharing a room with her little sister, but the room is lavender with a multi colored quilt as the bed covering, so pinks, blues, bright greens, purples, white, yellow will all go with there decor. Hannah currently has some butterfly accents... those most likely will stay as they aren't too babyish.

Hobbies: Computers (dh and I both are in IT), reading (Dee Henderson is one of my favs), movies, and house renovations.

Favorite Movies: Mine are the classic chick flicks... While you were Sleeping, and Sleepless in Seattle, Something New. His are mainly anything Sci-Fi and the Lord of the Ring series. We have a really (extensive) decent mix of all genre.

Favorite Music: Contemporary Christian, SCC, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns... 80's music (dating myself I'm sure now...)

Registered: We aren't registered anywhere... But we have stores like Penney's, Belk, Target, and Walmart readily available. Some of my favorite stores for kids, is Pottery Barn, and the quilt in their room is like those on the PBKids site.

Something I would want my secret pal to know about me/us: We really aren't fussy, and would appreciate anything really. We don't have much for a 12 year old girl yet, so that is pretty much wide open. We know she is approximately 4'5" tall and weighs about 70 lbs. And we take those measurments with a grain of salt!! I am aside from doing IT work, also a Licensed Massage Therapist. So as much pampering as I do...I don't often get to enjoy that myself, so I do like small indulgences.

We are excited to be on this journey again and to be sharing it with you and watching as you are united with your sweet children! Thank you in advance.