Saturday, May 03, 2008

The McMillin’s are stuck on our Secret Pal!

Our secret pal has such great timing each month! Soon after our gift arrives, the referrals arrive. Our secret pal gift is better than a ladybug sighting! This month, our secret pal sent a wide variety of stickers, a sticker book, some “mother” incense and a little doll to remind me of our precious Leilani. Thanks again for your wonderful gifts, I cherish each month’s arrival!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stickers, Stickers EVERYWHERE

The Shelton's SP has outdone herself this month. Look at all the stickers and sticker books that she sent to us. Caitlin loved the stickers that were teddy bears with "googly eyes". She might use those for herself. It is so sweet when my 11 year old who thinks she is 16 sometimes still enjoys stickers and other things like when she was smaller. Thank you so much for all of this stuff. We were gone to Arkansas for my Dad's 80th birthday this weekend. So it was so fun to see this package waiting for me when I got home.

Megi's Secret Pal - April

Yeah, thank you!

A special thank you to my pal for the funfilled stickers - a very creative assortment! I always wanted to start a scrapbook / lifebook, but kept thinking it was too late to start - now we have nothing but time...

I had to laugh at the cowboy stickers, because I just bought a little sweater with horse on back with little blue jeans with fringe on the legs (from Gymboree) - I was joking with husband - this might be a sign our daughter will want a horse... ha!

Anyway, thanks again - what a nice surprise - Megi