Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank you to Cathy & Mark's secret pal!

Thank you so much secret pal for our wonderful gifts this month! We got some really cute things that I just can't wait for Leah to wear. We received a terry cover-up, an adorable pooh pink swimsuit (so cute!!), a little sun bonnet, pink sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion. Everything is just absolutely perfect. Thank you for the card too. Can't wait until next month! Thank you again from both of us! Love, Cathy

Leilani McMillin will be looking so stylish!

Thank you secret pals! My DH went to the mailbox today and brought home my secret pal gift for Summer Fun! The return address is even really cute~Lagybug Central! When I opened it, the package contained a cute swimsuit cover-up with butterflies and a matching hat! Also, an inflatable beach ball (I have read this is great for the trip to China) and a package of socks, you can always use more sweet little socks! Thank you for thinking of us!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bryant secret pal

Our secret pal sent us a cute swimsuit and beach hat. We got a beach ball and a little baby floatation ring.
I also got a button that says "Mom" giggle..... soon I hope!

I wanna see baby jane in that swim suit.

Thank You Secret Pal!
Love Doug and Rebecca

Thank You Clark Family Secret Pal!

Our ever fantabulous Secret Pal sent us some adorable beach themed presents. I squealed when I saw them. They are SOOOOO cute! Thank you bunch'a bunches SP! We love all the adorable gifts. You are the bestest!

Toddler sunglasses with a velcro band, sun monitor arm bands that are super cute and practical, a cute toy boat and a rope-a-dope for Daisy.

This super cute sun dress.

The sweetest sun hat and card.

This is my fave! This beyond precious bathing suit in pink and brown (two colours I love together).

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank you to the Poeppelmeier SP

Thank you so much for this months gift. I got the cutest pink hat and pink sunglasses for Jaden to wear next summer. I cant wait to see her sunbathing in her new gear! Thanks again!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thank You from the Culp Family!!!

Hello Secret Pal! Thank you for the adorable outfits! My daughter who is five declared "We'll save these for Baby Sister!" She's learning quickly. She was also happy to see the cute beachy purse since she has two of those herself and now "we'll have matching purses!" It's so funny because she just got her purses 2 weeks ago and keeps one in the car at all times, filled with her girly treasures.

Also, you asked to know a bit about me. I posted an intro back in May titled "All About Dawn C." I just checked and it's still there under past posts. Thank you again for the cutie-pie outfits! I am keeping all the Secret Pal gifts together so I can remember where (and WHO) they came from, along with the notes for a lifebook. I hope you're having a good summer. Thanks for making ours extra special because I really do look forward to your thoughtful surprises!

(Oh, I know you are so prompt sending gifts. I just wanted you to know that I might not be so prompt thanking you in August. I'm getting sinus surgery, hooray! Sounds crazy but I'm looking forward to it so I can finally breathe through my nose again. So if I don't thank you right away it'll be because I probably won't be online for a couple of weeks. In advance: Thank you! :)

take care,
Dawn, Mike, Hannah 5 and Levi 3.5

Secret Pal Gifts are a Splash.

What fun gifts our secret pal picked out for us this month! Can you believe how cute that bikini is? We looove it. We also received ballerina slippers,PINK teddy bear hair accessories, a USA tshirt, and a shirt and short set. The dogs will be displayed in their new dog bone frame. We can't thank you enough for everything. We really are set for the beach.

Thank you-
Matthew and Lenora