Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Appletons Are "Bear-y" Thankful For Their Secret Pals!

We were VERY surprised to come home Monday and find a box waiting for us from our Secret Pals, but let me just say that these wonderful friends, who always do a stupendous job of surprising us each month, really had fun with this theme!!!!!
The theme was "Bears" and they sent a panda backpack and matching panda lunchbox for Rebekah to use when she goes to school one day, a bear puzzle book, a white blanket with a bear embroidered on it, several little things from Build-A-Bear along with this red-white-and-blue outfit for the Build A Bear that they gave us months ago (it was dressed in a Chinese outfit), a silk handkerchief with embroidered pandas on it, and a Kent State bottle/bib/rattle set (we are guessing they are graduates of Kent State and may be from Ohio???????) Anyhow, we were just blown away by everything and wanted to let them know how much we love it all and say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you SP

Sorry it has taken me so long to post my "thank you" to the blog. I took the picture right after I got the precious bear. But time got away from me and I am just now getting around to downloading the pictures. How cute are the little "glass slippers" on our Cinderella Bear? As always, you outdid yourself. I love the bear and I know that Marissa will also.