Friday, August 25, 2006

Isaacs Secret Pal

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our secret pal. We received a wonderful stuffed lion, a handbag with a March DTC Marching Pandas pin, and a donation in our name to our local SPCA. I go there all the time and always try to leave something for them. Our local SPCA has a petting zoo that my little girl loves to go to and then we always look at all the animals. We cannot have pets due to allergies, but if I dose myself up I can stand an hour or two there. Thank you once again.
Marsha, Larry and Courtney Isaacs

Thursday, August 24, 2006

July's wonderful gifts!!

I was just looking through the blog and realized I never posted pics of July's awesome gifts I got from my secret pal! I am so sorry!! I am hoping that whoever sent us these wonderful gifts at least saw my thank you on the email last month. I feel really bad I forgot to post the pictures. I received a beautiful high chair cover and disposable cups, spoons and bowls. I loved them! Thank you so much for being an awesome secret pal!

Thank you from the Korber Family

I want to thank my wonderful Secret Pal for such a lovely gift this month! She sent us an adorable Baby Einstein book entitled Who Lives in the Pond. I love things from that company! It will be so much fun to read that to Jensen. Also we received a very cool box of magnetic animal toys by the Melissa and Doug compnay. I've bought a couple of puzzles from this same company. I absolutely love their items! It's like my Pal can read my mind! LOL And my personal favorite is a stuffed animal of Snoopy that is also a rattle. It's so sweet!

I just want to give a sincere thanks to my Secret Pal. You are so kind and generous to us every month. You have no idea how happy your gifts make us every month.

A million and one thanks to you!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gollnick Secret Pal Rocks!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts. I love the little princess outfit! It has been such a long time since there has been a little hooded towel in our house. I can't wait to be able to give Sophie a bath and wrap her up in her fluffy towel! The stuffed animals and book are also great. Murphy and Daisy say "ruff" that means thank you for the treats we have nice shiny teeth now :) Thanks again secret pal for the great gifts.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Thank you to the Roberts' Secret Pal

THANK YOU so much for the lovely pink teddy bear and "Five Little Ladybugs" book. The bear is sooooooo soft and adorable, I am sure it will go all the way to China with us. The book will be read over and over. The package was on our front porch and I didn't see it until Wednesday afternoon as we were leaving to go out of town. We do not use our front door very often, but now I will have to check it more often, I might find more surprises!!!!
Thanks again!!!
Brian and Debbie Roberts
LID 3-7-06 2China4Darci

Thank you, Cathy Lam!

I just wanted to thank Cathy Lam, who is an awesome book buddy! I cannot believe all of the wondeful books I received this month! I love Hillside Lullaby! I have also looked several times at the Goodnight Kisses book and wanted to get it! Thank you so much for all of your thoughtfulness, Cathy! Also, Blogger is not letting me upload my picture right now. Hopefully it work shortly!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanks to the BeDell's Secret Pal!

Thank you again, Secret Pal! I am finally back from vacation, so I can post pictures and thank you properly! I about died first when I saw the size of the box this month and then the size of the ladybug inside! It is too funny! I'm sorry that I have to post so many pictures, but you really need to see the scale of this, so I took pictures with my kids! The wings make this great crinkly noise that kids love and one leg squeaks while the other leg jingles! Too adorable! As usual, the chocolate somehow keeps not making it into the photos... I wonder why? :) The little tiger is so cuddly and it is asthma friendly! My 7 yo is snuggling it in one photo - he has asthma. It is so cool, you are supposed to put it in a ziploc bag every month and freeze it for 24 hours and then wash and dry it. I think Colby is going to keep it company until Marissa gets here. :) Then there are the cute Anne Geddes dolls, a ladybug and a butterfly. I am a photographer and I love photographing children, so those are a big hit! And I love the stuffed dragon fly on a flower thingee to match the flower from before! You are seriously spoiling me way too much! I love all your gifts, thank you so much!

Thank you Bryant Secret Pal

We received our first official package at the new address, literally!

My husband stopped by the house to check on how the build is going and there is our August Secret Pal gift. It's so early in the month, I was so excited. The gift arrived much earlier this week but I was still feeling kind of sick and was on a blog "hiatus"!!!

The gift was wonderful, we recieved books and the most beautiful card. I'm not sure if my pal realizes this or not, but each and every card is being saved! She does such a great job selecting them and this one is no exception. Thanks so much secret pal, we loved it!