Friday, April 21, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

How exciting to come home to a package on the front step! I received a Duck Robe, a Stuffed Duck wearing a Duck Robe, a Duck Faucet Cover(with a bubble bath slot), a Duck that tells if the bath temp is too hot, and J/J washclothes with soap. It also included a sweet little poem from my Secret Pal (who is the best!!). Thank you-Thank you Secret Pal. Your generosity is overwhelming.

Lenora Totten

Thank You!

A huge thank you to my secret pal! It was great to come home and have the box waiting for me.

Sorry it took so long to add a picture, I had to buy a new cord to connect the camera to the computer - now, when we find the old one, we'll have 2.

My great package had a cool fishing toy, days of the week washclothes, cool poofy sponges, a rubber duck, a reusable ice pack and a cute card that looks like my Murphy! How thoughtful! Thanks again - you're awesome!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1. Introduction Hello everyone, we are Dennis and Dawn Drake, from Mesquite, Texas - yes home of the Mesquite Rodeo. We have three children, Nathan-17, Samuel - 14, and Anna-10. This will be our first adoption. Dennis is 43 and I am 40 and we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in June. Dennis is an engineering technician for a small circuit board company in Dallas, and I am Grade School Coordinator at our church, Lake Pointe Church and also home school our 3 children. We also have two furry members of our household, Jenny and Chrissy, both purebred mutts.

2. Girl/Boy requested = We requested a non-special needs girl

3. Age requested = as young as possible

4. Child's Name = very much undecided - we want to stick with a Bible name, but that is somewhat limited for girl names - we are tossing around Rachel, Leah, Lydia and Sara, but will probably end up with something else.

5. Nursery/theme = the nursery is our current formal dining room that serves as a study/computer room, hopefully a transformation takes place before referral. I am holding out for lavendar walls.

6. Likes/Dislikes = Like nature, old fashioned stuff, not crazy about "characters" like Dora, Mickey Mouse, etc.

7. Hobbies/Collections = I love to read.

8. Favorite fragrance or scent = vanilla

9. Favorite author or books = Christian Fiction, Karen Kingsbury, Janette Oke and Lori Wick are my favorite, I also read anything I can get my hands on to help with parenting teenagers.

10. Favorite Movies = White Christmas; Chick flicks; Old Disney movies

11. Favorite Music = Christian Contemporary

12. Registered at what stores? = none

13. Anything else my secret pal should know about me = Not looking forward to the very long-g-g wait we are looking at. We were extremely slow with paperchasing so it seems we've been working on the adoption for years.

The BeDell's say Thank You!

Secret Pal,

You're the best! I can't believe how fast you got this out to us! We love each and every part of it! My 7 year old can't wait to brush his little mei-mei's teeth and squirt her with these little squirt toys! The fuzzy toy is so much fun with all the noises and textures! It's all too cute! You have absolutely made my day!

Thank you!!!!
Rachel BeDell

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hi I'm a new member!

1. Introduction = Hey everyone. My name is Beth and I work as an Emergency Dept. Doctor. My husband has is a retired chief of police, and is currently woring at 911 dispatch. We have an older son David, 19, who is finishing his freshmen year at University of Arizona in Tuscon, and an older daughter Bryn who is finishing her junior year in highschool. Our first adopted daughter is Kyra Mei, born 3-20-99 and was adopted 6-5-00 from the Guangdong Province. Our second adopted daughter is Rylee Zi born 3-23-02 and adopted 127-02 from the Jianxi Province. Our third youngest, Ming Bao, is currenlty waiting to be adopted in the Foshan City of the Guangdong Province.

2. Girl/Boy requested = We requested a girl - special need: repaired cleft lip and unrepaired alveolar bone

3. Age requested = DOB = 6-19-04

4. Child's Name = Ming Bao Lux (1st name still undecided)

5. Nursery/theme = chaos! The girls will share a room - there is dark pink, dark lavender, fern green, and yellow!

6. Likes/Dislikes = (I hate strawberry shortcake and Dora although the girl's don't)

7. Hobbies/Collections = Picking up! No seriously, i swim for exercise but i don't have time to do much else

8. Favorite fragrance or scent = (Obsession)

9. Favorite author or books = (Detective type/mystery novels)

10. Favorite Movies = 6 days 7 nights; White Christmas; Chick flicks!

11. Favorite Music = Jazz

12. Registered at what stores? = none

13. Anything else my secret pal should know about me = I'm really happy to have this chance to participate as this will (likely) be our last child.

Dawn & Michael Metott

Dawn & Michael Metott

1. We are Dawn & Michael Metott, age 32 and 34, from Oswego, NY. We have two year old twin boys (Matthew and Zachary). This will be our first daughter. I am a social worker for a nonprofit agency that works with homeless teens and Michael is a corrections officer for NY state. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs.
2. Girl or Boy requested: We have requested a girl.
3. Age requested: We requested 6 months or AYAP
4. Child’s name: Miah(part of her Chinese Name)
5. Nursery/theme: Butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, etc. Room will be painted in light greens and pinks.
6. Likes/dislikes: We are into those corny charaters (and so will most of you who dont have children now and say you never will- trust me we did too before the boys were here). Elmo, wiggles, little einstiens, etc. are all part of this household. We are trying to learn all we can about our daughter culture so anything related to that would be appreciated. Reading is a big part of what we do with our children as well. Dont have many dislikes and anything some one sends us is appreciated.
7. Hobbies/Collections: We dont really collect anything, but I love to do cross stitch, gardening, home repairs and Michael is in to weight lifting.
8. Favorite fragrance or scent: Like flowery fragrances and some light scents (lilac, gardenina)-dont like perfumes, but like body sprays, bubble baths and candels.
9. Favorite movies : anything with Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner (every movie he has made) Partick Swayze (Ghost, Dirty Dancing)
10. Favorite music: Country music mostly and late 80's/early 90's.
11. Registered at what store(s): None
12. Anything else you’d like your secret pal to know about you? Thanks in advance for you generosity!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Introducing The Konstantaras Family

1. Paulette & John Konstantaras. We live in McHenry Illinois. A suburb of Chicago. We have 4 children. Sue 22, Joe 19, Drew 18, Katie 16. We will celebrate our 2nd year of marriage on May 11, 2006.

2. We have requested a girl

3. Age requested is 0-24 months

4. Our little girls name will be Mia Rose

5. Our Nursery theme: We really don't have a theme. Kati is in Mia's room on the weekends right now. We have painted her walls light purple, Magenta, and light green. She has a new light that has little bugs on them. She will have all white furniture. We have put some beautiful flower lights that are Magenta up for her. So very lively and colorful.

6.Likes / Dislikes: I like many things: but mostly spending time with my children. We recently received word that my oldest daughter is expecting in October so Mia will have a playmate.
I cant think of any dislikes.

7. I like to travel as a hobby. Too bad I can't do it more often. My collections have become photographs lately. My husband is a photographer and Picture Editor for the Chicago Tribune.

8. My favorite scents are Magnolias. I also love the smell of fresh lemons. Funny huh?

9. Favorite author: Dave Peltzer

10. Favorite Movie: A River Wild

11. Favorite Music: Madonna

12. Not currently Registered

Introducing the Barnett Family

Sean & Cari Barnett

We are Sean and Cari (both 36). We live in Bloomington, MN. We have been married for 14 years this August. We have three sons; Nate (12), Jack(10) and Blake(8). we also have a coonhound who has stolen all of our hearts, Lily.

We have requested a GIRL as I need a little more estrogen in the house! We have requested 6-18 months. We were DTC on 3/3 and our LID is 3/21.

We have not seleted a name yet but are forming a list. We will likely wait until referral time to make a final decision. Two of our boys will be moving rooms within our house to accomodate their baby sister so we haven't even begun to think of the nursery yet. It will definetly be something girlie after all the bedrooms with dinosaurs, sports and trucks we have done!

I like to read, walk Lily, scrapbook and listen to music. I love chocolate! We are a golfing in the summer, downhill skiing in the winter family.

I am excited to begin this Secret Pal exchange. We had gotten rid of all of our baby/toddler gear so are starting over(which is fun)!