Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank You Clark Family Secret Pal!

We have to send a huge Thank you to our awesome Secret Pal! We decided that even though we love receiving from our Secret Pal and love sending to our Secret Pal, the time had come to end our participation. The pal we were sending to was also stopping so that was a factor also in our decision.

Our fabulous Secret Pal is Emma Boman Lindberg in Uppsala, Sweden. I knew she did not live in North America but I had no idea where she lived because the packages arrived with postmarks from all over the world. Japan, France and New York to name a few.

We do not have the words to express our gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts you have sent. We love them all and look forward to the day when Baby Girl is home to play and use them all.

We are sad to have stopped because we had you as our Secret Pal since the beginning. Please know that we stopped for our own reasons and now I almost wish we hadn’t. I will miss your creativity with the gifts. Daisy has adored all the treats you have sent her and I think she recognized when your packages arrived! We will miss the surprises. We will miss your lovely cards and notes of encouragement. We have saved them all and put them in a scrapbook.

Emma and Dan, I do hope that one day we get to meet and until that day, know that you always have a friend in Canada.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The last packages! The theme was 'Gifts from the Heart'.

Lovely pressies!

A dainty necklace to symbolize that we will be a forever family.

A personalized post-it notepad.

Pucca magnets.

The most ADORABLE ladybug watch! The ladybug is the second hand. LOVE it!

A bright pink outfit for cold Canadian winters.

Two swedish childrens book from Sweden's most famous author, Astrid Lindgren.

The thoughtful card.

This is a postcard from the town where Emma and Dan live.

Halloween gifts and BEAUTIFUL doll for the Lindbergs'!

A million thanks to our wonderful Secret Pals! They continue to spoil us rotten! This time we got the most beautiful Asian Corolle doll (I've had my eyes on these!!). This alone would have been more than enough, but in the box there were also TWO sets of Halloween clothes (bibs, hats, socks, mittens), two Halloween toys, Halloween cookie cutters, a Halloween Pez dispenser and also Halloween socks for me! There were also the cutest angel wings and halo for when our child will want to dress up. For the cats there were new toys and for us biscuits and a nice card (written by Mr Secret Pal this time?).

Emma in Sweden
with DH Dan

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leilani McMillin (and her parents) have a NEW secret pal!

My DH took me out for the first time today since my foot surgery last week. We checked our mailbox and there were TWO packages; one from my NEW secret pal and one from the lovey swap. The box from my new SP was wrapped in brown paper and tied with pink twine, it was so pretty, I didn’t want to open it, but I managed to gather the strength to cut the twine and see the beautifully chosen gifts inside! First, a card with a miniature comfort blanket attached, called a noonoo. The card read “a little handful of snuggle comfort for a special little person…my eyes started to well up with tears dreaming about our sweet little girl. The noonoo is so cute, it has an embroidered child’s drawing in the center and has a variety of ribbons, tags and textures, a little handful of love for Leilani. Then, there was a little asian looking doll with an extra outfit, a Polly Pockets doll (my Sunday school kids at church LOVE these), a shirt (says 09 Haulers) and socks for soccer (in case she likes both dolls and sports) and a cute fish magnet for her beachy themed room. We are so lucky to have you Mr. and Mrs. SP! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, generosity and perfect timing! I can not express how grateful we are for you! I can not wait to see Leilani in her soccer shirt, dragging around her doll by the hair!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

THANK YOU Hanson Secret Pals!!!

So I just got back into town today from a trip to the homeland and had my first secret pal gift waiting on the kitchen table (kudos to the hubby for waiting until I got home to open it) and what a package!!! Thank you so much secret pals!!! We love the Groovy Girl doll, and the cow is perfect for the nursery, but I am not sure that the bug finger puppets are going to make it until Caroline comes home as my hubby keeps playing with them and chasing me around the house! But I have to say that the scrapbook you made for us stole my heart and is absolutely amazing. Wow! It is so beautiful and means so much to us! Thank you for taking the time to make such an awesome gift for our family. I can't wait until we are a family of 3 and have so many pictures to fill it. Until then, it is taking a place of honor on our coffee table for everyone to see! Thank you so much for making our first month in the swap such a special one!!!
Dan & Suz

Paulette Konstantaras Secret Pal

I wanted to say thank you to my Secret Pal. I received a Pajamagram in the mail. It was a really cute pajama and little stuffed dog that came in the package. I am sure Mia will look really cute in this one.