Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thank you from the NC Shelton's

Awwww....Look what we got in the mail yesterday??? The cutest little sleeper with a pair of pink socks with the little grippie things on the bottom. It is so cute. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Thank you to the Shelton's SP for our September gift. You are so sweet. We cannot wait until we finally get Marissa and can see her wearing it. You're the best!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thank you - Charlene!!!!

My Secret Pal has been revealed - Charlene it is!!!!

I just love all the sockies - can't wait to put little toes inside of them. We plan to do the nursery soon, so all of the items will be put out and displayed - ready to go!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful gifts - it was so much fun looking forward to those packages each month - helped ease this long dreaded wait.

Wishing you all the best,


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Secret Pals Spoil THE APPLETONS!!!!!!!!!!!

We got our September package from Mr. and Mrs. Secret Pal with the March '06 Marching Pandas Yahoo Group today and all I can say is "pass the tissues!" I loved loved loved everything but the one thing that just brought the tears to my eyes and touched my heart sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo deeply was the BEAUTIFUL handmade blanket that Mrs. Secret Pal put so much love into! Oh my gosh! What a beautiful, loving thing for you to do! The colors and the scalloped edging is just so.........oh my gosh, I don't have words to describe it! I have ALWAYS handmade gifts because I think they become treasured heirlooms with so much thought and love put into them and THIS was just AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much Mrs. Secret Pal from one mommy's heart to another! I can hardly wait to hold Rebekah close to me wrapped in this beautiful blanket and know that you put so much time and effort into it! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!! (Can I say that enough??????)
There were other goodies in the box too that we loved. For one, there was the most adorable Build A Bear dressed in a Chinese outfit! HOW PRECIOUS! They had even included the birth certificate and had the birthdate as our LID 04/05/06! Are these two people on top of things or WHAT???? There was a wonderful sequel to the book Shaoey and Dot which I just HAD to take a moment and read! (Teachers definitely love those books!). There was a journal which may become part 2 of Rebekah's journal since the first one I had is almost full by now! And then........there was GODIVA CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!! In the pictures you will notice that a couple of spots are empty because when I saw those (and after the day I have had) I just jumped on them like a bear on honey! WOW! hahahahhahahahahahhahaha There was also two little hats in there for Rebekah and one had a ladybug on it while the other was pink. My do we say thank you for all of this???????? Please know from the bottom of our hearts that we LOVE everything you send and love you guys for always thinking about us and helping us get through these LONG LONG months of waiting. There was even a birthday card for me with a gift card for the movie theater in it! I guess Doug and I had better have a TON of date nights before baby Bekah comes along!
Rest assured secret pals that you have truly touched our hearts this month and made the day VERY SPECIAL! Take care and we love you both!