Friday, March 31, 2006

The Pina Family!

We are Molly and Ted Pina. We are both 36 and we have three crazy boys: Matthew who is 10, Joshua who is 7 and Kevin who is 4. We also have 2 yellow labs and 1 cat.

Girl or Boy requested: Definitely requested a girl! I need some back-up!

Age requested: 6-12 months

Child’s name: Allison

Nursery/theme: I picked the Kelly bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. It is bright pink and green with dragonflies and I think butterflies on it.

Likes/dislikes: I love animals, spending time with my husband and children, reading, walking. I dislike strenuous exercise, bossy people, being on a diet. I am not a big fan of Precious Moments.

Hobbies/Collections: I like to scrapbook when I have the time, to needlepoint, read. I collect Department 56 North Pole Village.

Favorite fragrance or scent: I like light scents. I also like cinammon and vanilla.

Favorite author or books: Favorite books were Kite Runner, Three Junes, A Fine Balance.

Favorite movies: Forrest Gump, Cold Mountain, any of the Harry Potter movies

Favorite music: County; Allison Kraus, Bonnie Raitt

Registered at what store(s): I am not registered yet.

Anything else you’d like your secret pal to know about you? Thank you so much for doing this! This is an exciting time and I will love anything and everything that I receive. My blog is Thanks!

Getting to now Scott & Julie

Name: Scott & Julie from Wonder Lake, IL
Blog : WaitingforChristina2006
Girl or Boy requested : either, but figuring a girl
Age : ayap under 12 months
Baby name : Christina Eileen CN
Nursery : Light green with very colorful Winnie the Pooh border and Chinese symbols along ceiling border. It's not totally done yet, but it's getting there !
Likes :Weekend getaways to our Wisconsin retreat, snowmobiling, Italian dishes, an ice cold grey goose cosmo, jewelry ( what woman doesn't ), our two dogs, Maggie & Zoe, shopping at resale shops !!
Hobbies, collectibles : Original Artwork from ebay artists, sewing, cross stitching, reading, video games, fishing, snowmobiling, walking, antiquing, resale shops, scrap booking, soap operas, surfing the net
Favorite fragrance or scent: Anything Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vanilla, fresh cut grass, rain
Music : We like all kinds...maybe not Blues

Author : Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele
Movies : Love Actually
Registered : not yet, but looking forward to it and will update when I do!
Anything else useful for our secret pal : I love hand-me-downs. There's such sentiment in them and our house is an ecclectic mix of old and new.

Getting to know Catherine (aka Hannah's Mommy!)

Name: Catherine from Ontario Canada

Blog: Catherine's Chatter ~ Waiting for Hannah

Girl or boy requested: Girl

Age requested: 6 months to under 12 months

Baby's Name: Hannah (Chinese name) Catherine R.

Nursery: Feminine, pink, girly with ruffles. Haven't selected a particular theme at this point

Likes: Disney, scrapbooking, blogging, warm brownies, watching tv, walks in the fresh spring air, mountains, sitting in the sun and reading, movie theatre popcorn, going to church, quiet Sunday afternoons, visiting with friends, spending time with my niece, playing the piano, music, books, chocolate, Tim Horton’s coffee, butterflies, pink, computers.

Hobbies or collectibles: Scrapbooking, reading, crocheting, swimming, walking, watching TV. I don’t really collect anything…well, other than scrapbooking supplies! :o) Rather than doing a ‘100 Good Wishes Quilt’ I’m going with a spin-off and asking people to contribute to Hannah’s Blessings Book. It will be a scrapbook of blessings, prayers, wishes, etc. in 8” x 8” format.

Favorite fragrance or scent: Lighter, fruity scents. Vanilla, apple, black cherry.

Favorite author or genre of books: Christian fiction. Karen Kingsbury, Lori Wick, Scrapbooking magazines. I'm also a fan of the book, 'I Love You Like Crazy Cakes.' Received 2 as gifts so now have it in small version and also 10"x10" - lots of room for baby to chew! :o)

Favorite movies: Romantic comedies/dramas

Favorite type of music: Christian contemporary, praise and worship, Easy listening, light rock.

Registered at what store(s): Just recently registered at Babies 'R Us. What fun!

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: Hannah will be my first child! I am thrilled and oh so excited!!! DTC 3/13/06 and still waiting for the magical LID. I am really enjoying getting to know everyone, and can't wait to start the gift exchange!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jenni and Bob

This is a picture from last May at a Dog Walk raising money for the local Humane Society. (We are walking again this year if you'd like to donate). Saboka is the larger dog on the left, he died in December at the age of 9 and is missed greatly, we are walking in honor of him. Murphy is the spitfire in the front that I am holding onto. He is 2 and was adopted from the Humane Society.

We are from Roseville, MN a surburb of St. Paul and are both elementary school teachers.

Girl or Boy requested: Girl - we asked for twins but know the odds are not in our favor

Age requested: 6-24 months

Name: we feel like we need to see her first, but our list as of now in no particular order is: Isabella, Gabriella, Sophie, Chole, Zoe and Emma.

Nursery: I don't want anything too girlie. I was looking for a black lab/dog theme, but couldn't find anything. So I am thinking of something in aqua and geometric. I am not a big fan of the Disney, Precious Moments, etc. themes.

Likes: dark chocolate, warm chocolate chip cookies, skim milk, donuts, watching sports on tv, diet coke, my dog, Culvers, The Gap, Target, IKEA, sitting in the sun and reading, vacations in warm climates, happy endings, movie theater popcorn, REI, North Face, Adidas, Penn State, roller coasters, theme parks.

Dislikes: stupid people, coffee, being late, driving, housework.

Hobbies or Collectibles: Running marathons (I've ran 6 marathons and at least 20 half-marathons), triathlons - though biking is not my favorite of the three. I also enjoy reading, shopping, fencing and laying on beaches. I don't really collect anything - though my husband would say I collect clothes and shoes.

Favorite Author or Genre of books: I will read about anything - on vacation I go through at least one novel a day, I know, an expensive habit. I like Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, if it's been around for a month and is a popular book, I've probably already read it. I don't like books or movies with unhappy endings or that make me think too much.

Favorite TV Shows (This might give you a better idea of me - Movies was too hard): Alias, Lost, NCIS, Bones, House, How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Type of Music: U2, Abba, Cold Play, not a huge music fan.

Registered at What Store(s): We registered at Target and Babies R' Us.

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I am looking forward to shopping and passing the months getting to know each other.

Meet John and Susan Guschel From Long Island

Names: John and Susan Guschel

Girl/Boy: Requested girl

Age Requested: 6-18months

Name: Renee Grace (Chinese Given Name) Guschel

Nursery: BabiesRUs has a set called "Koko" that I've started collecting. My sister gave me the lamp and a role of border for Christmas. The set is a pale pink with branches and butterflies in rose, sage and purple. It has an asian feel to it, at least I think it does. The babies room is actually my office right now. We've got to move my desk, computer, etc. down to the basement. I told John the other day that "it's time", I need something to do to keep my sanity :-)

Likes: Movies, reading,crocheting, knitting, computers, walking on the beach, wine, Saturday mornings after a busy week
chocolate, doing puzzles, that first cup of hot coffee in the morning, cookies, the New York Mets, love my niece and nephew, travel,

Hobbies and Collectibles: Collect swarovski crystal figurines, Lenox Disney Classics (I have the complete Beauty and the Beast collection), love to crochet more than knit, cross stitch, love to go on my sister and brother-in-laws boat on the great south bay of Long Island, fish (my husband would be so happy).

Favorite Fragrance or Scent: I'm not big on perfume, too strong usually gives me a headache. I love sweet, fruity,light fragrances (Yankee candle scents).

Favorite Author or Genre of Books:Jane Austen, Dan Brown, Karen Ann Moning (Her Highlander Historical Romances are awesome), Just read an awesome book "The History of the Pink Carnation" by Lauren Wettig having to do with Scarlet Pimpernel, Purple Gentian.

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Phantom of The Opera, Bridget Jones Diary

Favorite Type of Music: 80's soft rock and pop

Registered at: BabiesRUs

Anything else: This will be my first child (I'm 44), I've wanted to be a mother since I was old enough to know what a "mommy" was. I travel for work now when I'm not working from home (I'm in Buffalo right now) and I fly a lot. That will change when Renee comes home. By the way Renee means "re-born".

The Kramers in Colorado

Name: Scott & Chris Kramer

Girl or boy requested: Girl

Age requested: AYAP

Name: Elizabeth Leone Qing (Eli)

Nursery: We are moving this summer to VA. Currently it is Dr. Seuss, but i am eyeing some of the Pottery Barn Kids stuff...girly, but not pastel.

Likes: mbeing outside, reading, sudoku, scrapbooking (use almost only Creative Memories stuff), The AMazing Race, photography, Atlanta Braves Baseball

Hobbies or collectibles: Penguins (unique small figurines - not stuffed or large), photography, traveling

Favorite fragrance or scent: depends on for what - body wash - white tea and ginger, perfume - some stuff I bought in France, candles - ocean mist (we only use Party Lites)

Favorite author or genre of books: Madeline L'Engle, Nora Roberts, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and many others...I like historical fiction - especially Oregon trail stuff.

Favorite movies: The Princess Bride, Gone with The Wind, My big Fat Greek Wedding, Much Ado about nothing, Breakfast Club...

Favorite type of music: Folk, Acoustical guitar, Christian (think Rich Mullins/Bebo NOrman/Caedmons Call type)

Registered at what store(s): none - not planning on registering anywhere - except maybe Pottery Barn for the discount when everything on your registry is purchased.

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: We were matched on October 29 with our little girl, Feng Xue Qing, in Fengcheng, Jiangxi. She turned 1 on January 3. Her special need is Albinism. We also have a son with albinism that we adopted last year form Hangzhou, Zhejiang. We have two furry children - Toby and Lucy. We are moving to northern Virginia with the military this summer.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cathy & Mark's Intro

Name: Cathy & Mark L. from the Chicago suburbs

Girl or boy requested: girl

Age requested: 0-12 months

Name: Leah + Chinese name

Nursery: orange & pink hibiscus floral theme, with butterflies

Likes: music, books, fine arts, food, wine, animals, cats, horses, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, lambs, jewelry, beads, purple (favorite color!), computers, electronics, games, puzzles, maps, anything science-related like astronomy or geology, coffee, tea, chocolate, Catholic/Christian-themed things like crosses, scripture, saints

Hobbies or collectibles: swimming, hiking, travel, geocaching, reading, computers & web design, shopping, movies, museums, birdwatching, astronomy, sleeping! Don't really collect anything (other than the dust bunnies under our bed). I am doing a 100 Good Wishes Quilt (first attempt at quilting). I play viola in a symphony orchestra. Mark loves anything to do with airplanes! (he is threatening to buy airplane books and toy airplanes for Leah!)

Favorite fragrance or scent: earthy/exotic scents, like sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk

Favorite author or genre of books: sci fi, mystery, fiction, spirituality, anything about the history of China or adoption, (really anything -- we love reading and have way too many books)

Favorite movies: sci fi (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.); action / adventure (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Matrix); artsy-type films (Merchant Ivory, Room With a View, Pride & Prejudice)

Favorite type of music: classical, 80's rock

Registered at what store(s): none

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: This will be our first child! We were DTC on 3/9/06. I am really enjoying getting to know everyone, and can't wait to start the gift exchange!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Meet Valeri and Ron

Name: Valeri and Ron Korber

Girl or Boy requested: Boy (YES!! A BOY!!!)This will be our first child. If you happen to be my secret pal, please remember that we're requesting a boy. I've done the 100 Good Wishes Quilt and so many people sent me wishes for my "daughter." I just want people to be aware that we want a boy. If we have to wait longer for a boy, than so be it. My husband wants a son more than anything in the world. He's the last one in his family to carry on the family name.

Age requested: 0-18 months

Name: We are naming our son Jensen Morgan. Our European friends make fun of us giving our son a European last name as his first name, but we love the sound of the name Jensen. Also, his middle name is in honor of my husband's favorite actor Morgan Freeman. My husband can act out pratically every scene from the movie Shawshank Redemption if you ask him. But, please don't for my sake....HA HA!

Nursery: Our nursery is still a work in progress. It will be pale blue. Of course, when you're at Home Depot there isn't just one shade of just "pale blue"! There's about 100 "pale blue" shades. What a headache to endure! But the rest of Jensen's theme is Baby Sport Snoopy. I am a Snoopy FANATIC to put it mildly. I even have a beagle named Snoopy! My husband is a sports fanatic so our theme makes us both happy. This summer we're going to do the nursery.

Likes or Dislikes: I (Valeri) like spending time with my husband and our families, teaching, languages, traveling, listening to music, watching movies and some tv, reading, chocolate, American Idol, computers, etc. I hate alcoholics, drug abusers, people who are not responsible parents, smokers, ignorance, people pushing religion and politicts on me (I like being happily neutral), exercising, not being able to stick to a diet (ha ha), racism, and my big feet. I had to stick something funny in there. Please do not send us anything religious!!! Please respect our beliefs as I would respect yours. My husband Ron likes the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins. His hobby is photography. He loves to snack on Kit Kat candy bars and plain M & M candies, too.

Hobbies or Collectibles: I have collected Snoopy memorabilia since I was a little girl. Now I'm always seeking Baby Snoopy things for my future son. I am also collecting lots of children's books. I am an avid reader and I want to pass this down to my son. Also we like to collect travel gear from LL Bean. I also like to collect postcards of different cities. Oh, and we also collect posters of French, Spanish and Chinese themes. My husband collects Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers items. He also collects pilsner glasses from the Hard Rock Cafe. We have a family room that is devoted to these two teams. I think our son might be wearing a few Steelers outfits someday perhaps....:)

Favorite Fragrance or Scent: I love the smell of apple and blueberry candles. I also have this one called Clean Cotton that is a favorite, too. I really don't wear perfume. Most smells don't agree with me. I don't care for flowery smells either. They give me headaches.

Favorite Author or Genre of books: I don't have a particular favorite. I read what interests me. Lately all I read are travel books about China and Europe.

Favorite Movies: My favorite movies are Grease, A Fish Called Wanda, Sixteen Candles (and I am not naming my son Long Duck Dong), Fargo, The Big Lebowski,Under the Tuscan Sun, and Caddyshack just to name a few.

Favorite Type of Music: I prefer 80's New Wave like Duran Duran, but I listen to a wide variety. I ADORE ABBA, Robbie Williams, Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, and James Blunt to name a few. My husband loves all the 80's Hair Bands like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Europe, Poison, etc. But he also loves Faith Hill. Go's gotta be the blonde thing!

Registered at What Store(s): We are registered at Toys R US, Target, Baby Depot and at Wal Mart under the names Valeri and Ron Korber. If you want to, you're more than welcome to get something off of these registries. It might save you the hassle of trying to figure out what we would like.

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I'm a Spanish, French and English as a Second Language teacher and my husband is a sign language interpreter. We're very language oriented, obviously!! We love to travel more than anything. Last summer we spent June traveling in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. This year we're traveling in the USA around Colorado and also New England. We live in a very small rural town with not much excitment so we travel to liven up our existence a bit. We're so excited to have all of new DTC friends here on-line. We can't wait to bring our beautiful son home from China someday soon.

Meet the Ramseys

Names: Bryan and Jennifer Ramsey


Girl/Boy: Girl Requested

Age Requested: Up to 12 Months

Name: Sienna (Chinese Middle Name)

Nursery: Unsure, Pink or "girly" is safe since last daughter had "untraditional" nursery

Likes or Dislikes: Love Traveling, good wine, coffee, doing things with our children, Target, and finding the time to go out to a good restaurant with my husband (whenever that happens!); dislike too many ladybug items, hate Walmart:), and the Sacramento summers here! (they are hot!)

Hobbies or Collectibles: I love to Walk and Run, to travel, and spend time with family and friends.

Favorite Fragrance or Scent: Something light nowadays to spritz on after a shower

Favorite Author or Genre of books: I haven't read a book in months? What are you talking about? I read kids books every night! Crazy people!

Favorite Movies: Romantic Comedies/Dramas--When I can see them

Favorite Type of Music: Country..I live in California, but I grew up in Ohio. Do my midwestern roots show through?

Registered at What Store(s): None

Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I just am looking forward to this experience. Every gift will be a wonderful surprise!

Emma and Dan from Sweden

Name: Emma with husband Dan, from Stockholm, Sweden
Girl or Boy requested: Girl or Boy (but we expect a girl)
Age requested: 0-18 months
Name: If a girl: Margit + Chinese name (The name Margit is from Dan’s grandmother who died recently at the age of 99.)
Nursery: No nursery yet. Nursery themes are not common in Sweden. We will probably decorate in a simple style, using clear or mild colors, nothing pink or baby blue, no Disney or other cartoons.
Likes or Dislikes: I like: animals, especially cats (we have two), tea, big cities (especially Paris and NYC), walking, springtime, the sea, kindness and reason, art, modern design, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese food, long light Swedish summer nights, popcorn, the color blue, silver, IKEA.
My DH and I like spending time in our summer cottage by the Baltic Sea and to see friends and relatives. We also like going to classical concerts and traveling.
I dislike: Going to the gym, crowds, selfish and narrow-minded people, headaches (I get them a lot), spicy (hot) food, snow in late March, being late, gold-decorated things (with the exception of a few Chinese things for sentimental reasons), too much sun (I burn easily), eggs (to eat, that is).
Hobbies or Collectibles: Reading, cooking, cross-stitch embroidery. I will try to make a 100 Good-Wishes quilt for my child. (I take part of that swap too.)
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: Lavender. J’adore by Dior.
Favorite Author or Genre of books: I love novels! My favorite author is Jane Austen. I have read all her books several times. I also like crime novels. I don't mind reading in English, because the Swedish translations are seldom any good. At the moment I read a lot of Chinese books and books on China.
Favorite Movies: Pride and Prejudice, A room with a view, Roman holiday
Favorite Type of Music: Classical music, opera, jazz, singer/songwriters
Registered at What Store(s): I had no idea you could do that! (No one does it in Sweden.)
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: We were DTC on March 10. This will be our first child. I am 35 and Dan is 37 years old. We haven’t started shopping a lot for our baby yet, but I have cleared one drawer and have collected a few things there: some books, CD’s and DVD’s, a few toys, some clothes. We live in a two-bedroom apartment in the city of Stockholm and are planning to move to a bigger apartment in a few years time. We don’t want to have a house, because we are not interested in gardening and all the other work that comes with a house. I am a member of a Swedish mailing list on adoption from China, but I find it very interesting to take part in an American list and hear how things are done in the U.S.!

Sharon, Andy & Taylor K.

Name: Andy, Sharon and DD Taylor
Girl or Boy requested: Girl
Age requested: 12-18 months
Name: Teresa Mei & her Chinese Name

Nursery: She will share her sisters room which is pale green with Noah's Ark border, no real theme otherwise, just soft colors

Likes or Dislikes: Sharon is a quilter (when there's time) and Andy like Kayaking and fishing and we both love hanging out with Taylor and Andy's son Tim & his wife Rebekah (and our Granddog Sheba)
Hobbies or Collectibles: Hobbies are yard sales! No real collections unless you count Sharon's fabric stash!
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: spring time right after a rain and flowers
Favorite Author or Genre of books: Sharon is a Nora Roberts Fan and Andy is a Clive Cussler reader.
Favorite Movies: hummm don't know for sure
Favorite Type of Music: Andy listens to just about everything except country and Sharon loves country :)
Registered at What Store(s): Not registering this time.
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I'm love surprises too! I (Sharon) went crazy with buying for Taylor so I'm not going totally crazy this time, just some extra shirts but nothing else, YET... We have a pool and tennis court so we're active outside in the summer (Its cold here in NH) and like to Garden. We love books and music and spend alot of time doing that with Taylor and we all love animals!

Get to know Suzanne and Derek

Names: Suzanne and Derek Schlotterback- this is an old picture, the only one I had saved on my computer here at work, this was taken about 4 years ago in Jamaica! (plus it's a skinny me and that's what I am trying to get back too)
LID: 3/27/06 This makes me so happy!
Girl/Boy: Girl Requested
Age Requested: 0-12 months, AYAP, but will be thrilled with any age!
Name: Not sure yet, but our top runner is Lauren and will call her Ren. Will be using her Chinese name as a middle name.
Nursery: Using a favorite of mine, the Ralph Lauren Allison Pattern on a twin bed and coordinating fabrics. The walls are light green and I will be making the crib linens, probably out of a light mauvey pink color that matches the Allison pattern. I will be using some classic Pooh and some Beatrix Potter things, but there is definitely not a theme. No Disney pooh or such. It's just not my thing. (and to be honest, neither is precious moments stuff) My blog has some pictures of what I've got so far.
Likes/Dislikes: I really can't stand seafood. Really. Love Diet Coke! Love Clemson Tigers, Love Ralph Lauren, Love Nate Berkus and Oprah, Love do it yourself projects, Love to have a clean house!
Hobbies or Collectibles: The only thing I really collect is Radko Christmas ornaments. Hobbies are running, fishing with DH, sewing, SHOPPING (this is a hobby since I buy what I don't need)
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: I like flowery scents. Love Bath and Bod's Moonlight Path and Juniper Breeze.
Favorite Movies: Old School, Wedding Crashers, etc, and anything that is classified as a romantic comedy!
Favorite Author or Genre: Catherine Anderson and Nora Roberts, but I've read everything they've written. My favorite genre is romance novels. Especially if there's a cowboy. There, I've admitted it. Now, don't tell anyone!
Favorite Music: Country- love Keith Urban!
Registered at: Not yet, but plan to register at Babies R Us
Anything else that would be useful for your secret pal to get to know you: We are diehard Clemson fanatics. We even have a room in our house dedicated to all things Clemson. I am training for a marathon to help lose weight and pass the time. My mother in law lives with us due to health issues. She collects lighthouses, collector plates, music boxes, et al. so please, don't send anything like that. I've got enough of it already! :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Get to know Mike and Jan....

Name: Mike and Jan from Northern CA
Girl or Boy requested: Girl
Age requested: 0-12 months (we qualify for up to 24 months)
Name: Leilani Mei
Nursery: Her room is a beachy theme...Hawaiian pink flowers fabric for the honey pine wood crib. We are painting the walls with purple and lilac to break up the pink!
Likes or Dislikes: I like coffee, tea, chocolate, taking tropical vacations, cruises (probably won't be doing much of that anymore...) quilting, gourmet cooking, baking, scrapbooking, floral arranging, gardening (Egad, I sound like Martha Stewart....)
Hobbies or Collectibles: I love being outdoors working in the garden, antique store shopping with friends, flea markets, garage sales, doing crafts, spending time with family and friends.
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: Anything vanilla, especially Vanilla Bean Noel or foody scents like buttercream.
Favorite Author or Genre of books: I admit it - I don't read much for pleasure, too much reading to complete my doctorate last year! I have been reading adoption books and kid's China books.
Favorite Movies: Anything I can rent on Netflix-going out is too expensive and I have to eat their greasy popcorn.
Favorite Type of Music: Smooth Jazz-especially Peter White and Contemporary Christian
Registered at What Store(s): Target, Amazon
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I love surprises too! I have been very, VERY bad (according to my DH) about buying things already for our little Leilani... I love to shop for other people, I am really good at it! Hence the moratorium on buying for our own child-but for someone else????? We're so happy to be part of the March DTC group as we are DTC on 3/20 and LID on 3/27!

A little 'bit about Chrissie and Chris...

Name: Chrissie and Chris Estok from Pennsylvania
Girl or Boy requested: Girl
Age requested: 0-12 months
Name: still deciding, but have narrowed it down to: Olivia, Avery, Ema/Emma (we think!)
Nursery: Sorry, still deciding on this too - definitely nothing too girlie. I LOVE girlie pink clothes (I'm a sucker for faux fur), but not when it comes to a room! If it were up to me, I'd have neutral colors such as beige (with accessories in color!). Definitely no themes such as Noah's Ark, Farm animals, Sesame Street, or Disney.
Likes or Dislikes: I like coffee, chocolate, laying out in the sun, floating in the pool, sleeping in on weekends, dogs (particularly Weimaraners!), candles, jewelry, anything with ladybugs, flip flops, purses, reality tv, and music. Quite the combo of things, huh? I'm pretty easy to please! As far as "kids stuff" goes, I would like to stay away from overwhelming her with Elmo, Barney, or Blues Clues!
Hobbies or Collectibles: I love walking with the dog and being outdoors, shopping, doing crafts (particularly at Christmas), spending time with family and friends, and I collect Cats Meow.
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: vanilla, or Sea Mist by Bare Essentuals
Favorite Author or Genre of books: I admit it - I don't read much!
Favorite Movies: Anything with Johnny Depp - counting down the days until Pirates of the Caribbean II comes out!
Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop, R & B, or Pop (ok, sometimes I listen to Country, too)
Registered at What Store(s): None (I don't plan to register)
Anything else that would be useful for your Secret Pal to get to know you: I'm always thrilled to receive surprises! We really have been trying hard not to buy things (clothes moreso) for the little one. When you have 2 sets of eager grandparents, it's hard for them not to though. We're so happy to be part of the March DTC group as we are DTC on 3/24 (wheww! just made the cutoff for this great group!).