Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thank you from the Ramseys!

My camera is on the fritz right now, so I can't post a picture. However, thanks so much for the great Duckie bath articles. Our kids bathroom is done up in ducks, so it matches perfectly! We got great duck themed washcloths, a duck to tell us if the bathwater is too hot, and a duck bathmitt!

Also, thanks for the special present for Ian and Isabel. Ian was so excited to have something to open, and he took the color tablets up to his bath immediately that night. That was very nice!


Wooo Hooo! Thank you :) !

thank you, xie xie, thank you secret pal!
Everything was wrapped so nicely, even the box was stamped with little bumble bees. And we got the best stuff:
a hooded bath towel, washcloths, a floating PEEPS duckie (you know, your favorite Easter candy), stacking cups, shampoo, baby lotion (baby might not be here but we can smell her!), floating frogs, and a tub puzzel "Poppy" already put together once (he couldn't wait for Sophie!). (Around here, just fyi, we call daddy Poppy.) Also a nasal aspirator and ear cleaner which scared Poppy. He didn't know babies couldn't blow their noses. :) Also we got the sweetest card that said, "For My Secret Pal." How cool is that?
Unfortunately dear Pal, my digital camera kaputzed yesterday. I'll try to get it up and running and post a picture soon. Thank you so much! We really loved everything and are so excited to use it.
You really took a lot of time and thought for us, and it made us feel great :)
We love you Pal!
di & dave

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Love-Hate Relationship

So I came home on May 1st and to my surprise there was a package on my doorstep from my Secret Pal. I'm thinking that I have THE BEST Secret Pal ever and I dashed into the house to open my package up. So, I'm looking at the box and my sneaky Secret Pal put a little sticker on it directing me to wait until Mother's Day to open my package. I am not very good at surprises and not good at waiting at all. I look at my husband and say - she'll never know... He informed that he in fact would tell you and that there would be no more baby shopping for me if I didn't follow directions. So the forlorn brown box is sitting in our office and I am patiently waiting until Mother's Day to open it. I'll let you know what I find. Thank you Secret Pal, you are teaching me to be patient.


Amazing Gift from Kramer's Secret Pal

I know that this page is for our gift exchange but I wanted to share something a little extra I got from my Secret Pal in the mail yesterday. I had come home to find my brown envelope in the mail and was excited to get it but then I saw another smaller brown envelope that contained this special square from my March Secret Pal! I can't even begin to tell you how much this square meant to me. My pal wrote me this poem and also sent me a sweet card. I am so excited to be able to include my secret pal in our quilt for our little Chinese Princess! I will treasure this for years to come! Thank you so much Secret Pal, you are one of a kind and I can't wait to find out who you are and thank you personally!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thanks from the Miles'

Thank you so much for all the goodies! We love them all and we can't wait to use them.
It was so great to receive them today, it definitly made my day!! Again Thank you!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thanks from Emma in Sweden

Thank you, Secret Pal! Today I received a cute hoodie towel, a safety bath duck, a comb and brush set, a bottle of baby shampoo and a beautiful card! I love it all! Until now I never thought about how it would feel to give my baby a bath, but this really makes me long for that day!


P.S. I promise I didn't look at the customs form!

Thankyou Secret Pal from the O'Briens!!!

Secret Pal,

I received your thoughtful gift today and boy did it make my day!! The mailman kind of looked at me funny when he said you have a parcel and I had a goofy grin on face. He said do you mind me asking why all of a sudden the increase in mail from around the world and I said no not at all and I told him about us adopting a little girl from China and what floored me was he just recently returned from China with his daughter whom he adopted. Now how odd is that?

Secret Pal I just love everything! I received 3 books which are so cute called the Rubbadubbers. One about numbers, colours and the other one called here come the rubbadubbers how cute are they! 2 wash mitts one yellow little chick and a little green mitt with all different animal faces on it. I got a toddler puff which is a great idea, pink chiming hairbrush, a rubber duckie and 2 wind up fish toys which I have to admit as soon as I seen them I filled up the sink with water and tried out. (i'm a big kid at heart). Thankyou again secret pal I will use everything for little Anisha.


Thank You Secret Pall!!

Sorry I am so late in posting, but I have been working 14 hour days most of last week. I loved the gift; the towels are so soft (4 piece towel and washcloth set) and the toys (baby einstein stacking cups, yellow duck and water friends) will be great to travel with! Thank you for sending so many things! I will try to get a picture soon. I tried tonight, but couldn't get the picture to work. Yikes!! All of this "blog" stuff is new to me. I will recruit help and try again!
Thank you so much for the gift!


Monday, May 01, 2006

Thanks from the Barnett's!

Thank you to my secret pal! Boy, did your gift bring me back in time! I received this darling little potty chair. It made me remember when I potty trained my boys. We waited until they were really ready and then just spent a week or so at home doing nothing but using the potty! It is hard to believe that soon I will be potty training a little GIRL! The card is darling and I love the Johnson and Johnson wash - the smell just makes me think of babies. Thanks for making my rainy Monday brighter!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!!

I was sick earlier this week (stomach bug) and feeling just plain gross, but was surprised on Wednesday to get a package from my secret pal. Now I just love surprises, so I practically ripped the box in 2 trying to get to my goodies. I love them!!! My wonderful secret pal sent me a pink bunny hoodie towel and matching washcloths! Now this is very interesting, because I looked at this same towel about 2 weeks ago when I was deciding on what to send MY secret pal. Great minds think alike!!

I can't wait to have a little love bunny to wrap up in this towel! Thank you thank you thank you!


Thank you, thank you Secret Pal

Secret Pal,
I was absolutely thrilled to find the package on my front porch!! Thank you so much for my gifts! I love them all. I know little Kinsey will love playing with the toys when she is in the bath!