Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rachel & Mark - about us

A little bit about our family: We are Mark and Rachel Shafer from Cincinnati, Ohio. We have one biological daughter who just turned 5. I am 30 and dh is 33. This May, we will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary! My husband is a clinical specialist for heart cath devices. I am a part-time 4th grade teacher and the worship leader at my church.

Girl or Boy Requested:a girl, 0-12mths, ayap

Child's Name: Lily Mei-Mei and some part of her Chinese name. We like that MeiMei means little sister, since that's what she'll be!

Nursery Theme: soft blues, pinks, yellows in chenille. I already have the baby bedding from my daughter. For Lily, I'm going to paint (well, have someone else paint!) lilies on the walls. I plan to start working on it this summer.

Likes/Dislikes: I love all types of music and music motif items (stationary, candles, etc.) I love to scrapbook. I love anything with the word "Hope" or anything to do with lilies.

Favorite Fragrance or Scent:I wear spring fever by origins. I also love creme brule from Bath & Body Works.

Favorite Author or Book: Anything by Maeve Binchy is great, Sophie Kinsella is good too.

Favorite Movies: Believe it or not, it's Dirty Dancing, I love the music!

Favorite Music: I love many indie girls - Kendall Payne, Kate Earl, Holly Brook,Fiona Apple I also listen to Christian Contempory Music. I love BarlowGirl! I listen to a lot of worship CD's - Matt Redman, Darlene Zsech, Passion, Hillsong, Lincoln Brewster, Lakewood, Israel Houghton, Sarah Kelly, etc.!

Registered at What Store: None

Meet Rick and Rachel BeDell

A little bit about our family:
We are Rick and Rachel BeDell from Cross Junction, VA. I am 37 and my husband is 38. We have been married for 16 years and have 2 sons. Nate is 12 and Colby is 7. I am a photographer and my husband runs the photo lab that we own. (Check out our website at

Girl or Boy Requested:
Our boys need a little mei-mei - why do you think we are adopting from china! :)

Age Requested:
As young as possible

Child's Name:
Marissa + some part of her Chinese name

Nursery Theme:
I want it to look/feel like a garden. I haven't started it yet since we have so long to wait, but I'm thinking of making the walls a soft blue with some sort of painting technique to give the impression of clouds. Then I'm thinking of green carpeting and painting the trim on the bottom green too, with some wispy grass coming up into the sky blue. Then I may enlist my sister who is an artist to paint some flowers. I also love lady bugs, and dragon flies. I have no idea on bedding yet, but I am going to be making a One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt. I do like the colors pink and green. I still have the crib and changing table from my sons, it's a very light ash color.

I am a chocoholic! Is there anything else besides chocolate? I love anything from China! I am a Christian, so anything religious would be nice. My favorite color is either red or sage green - depending on what kind of mood I'm in! I like flowers and gardening.
Let's see for dislikes, I don't really like anything too commercial, I guess I like things that are more traditional or classical. I don't like the color purple. I grew up in "Grape Country" and everything was purple!

In case you didn't guess, I love gardening! I also love hiking, fishing, baking, biking, walking or jogging. I don't have any collections.

Favorite Fragrance or Scent:
I am allergic to perfumes, but I love anything that smells like food! Cinnamon, Vanilla, Apple, Chocolate.

Favorite Author or Book:
I don't really have a favorite, but I love reading. I wanted to mention that I already have The JoyLuck Club, Shaoey and Dot and I Love you Like Crazy Cakes.

Favorite Movies: My all time favorite is Raising Arizona, but we love anything by the Cohen Brothers. Anything that is independant and off the wall, we love.

Favorite Music: I was an 80's punk rock girl, now they call it "retro". Getting old stinks! But mostly now I listen to Christian Contempory Music. I love Casting Crowns, Superchik and BarloweGirl.

Registered at What Store: None

Thanks for doing this! This is going to be so much fun!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dawn & Dale Buhler

1. Add your name –Hi we are Dale and Dawn Buhler from British Columbia Canada! Dale is 36 and Dawn is 30 (Yipee! Most are afraid to turn 30, I was so excited because it now meant we would be able to adopt from China!)

We have been married for 11 yrs this summer and have been amazingly blessed with 4 beautiful biological boys. Chase will be 9, Colton will be 7 and Caden will be 5 at their birthdays these next few months. Carter is our youngest and just turned 3 in January.

2. Girl or Boy: Can you guess???
Image hosting by Photobucket

3. Age requested: Young as possible

4. Child’s name: Annaliese Faith (Chinese Name) Buhler

5. Nursery/theme: Haven't fully made up our minds but we are thinking very girlie, possibly purple walls, with flowers, butterflies and anything girlie in there!

6. Likes/dislikes: Likes: Cross stiching, collect precious moments, blogging, swimming and reading. Dislikes: Hmmm nothing really all that important that I can think off right now!

7. Hobbies/Collections: Precious moments

8. Favorite fragrance or scent: Vanilla and or cinnamon

9. Favorite movies I love chick flicks that make you cry! Dale is into anything Treky or spacey!

11. Favorite music: Mostly listen to christian worship cd's. We love the mixed worship songs.

12. Registered at what store(s) None yet!!

13. Anything else you’d like your secret pal to know about you? Thank you ahead of time! I hope you will have as much fun as I think I'm going to have!!

Dale and Dawn
DTC March 27
LID ???

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Hello, I am Lori Gortman, and I am single. This going to be my first child. I live in Rural Hall, North Carolina, I just moved into my house about a week and a half ago, still a little tired from the move!

I have requested a little girl

age requested: 0-14 months

Child's name: Faith Irene, Irene is my grandmother's name, I will also use part of her Chinese name.

nursery/Theme: so far it is an empty room, I plan to do something girlie.


Hobbies/collections: reading, traveling / I don't really collect anything, with just moving I am trying to go clutter free, we will see how that goes...

Favorite fragrance or scent: most anything light

Favorite author or books: historical romance, "wild west" "civil war"

Favorite Movies: love stories, old movies (cat on a hot tin roof, meet me in st louie)

Favorite music: county, 80's, oldies

Registered: not yet

The Herman's

Dave and Dawn Herman
Hello Everyone, we are Dave(41) and Dawn(39) and we live in Brockport, NY.
We have been together for 17 years and married for almost 7 of them. We have a 3 year old son Joseph(Joe) who is the apple of our eye. We also have a 5 year old boxer named Libby who thinks she is human. We are both the youngest children in families with eight kids. We have 48 nieces and nephews between the two of us. I work two days a week as a nurse in a recovery room (I get to wake people up after surgery) its a lot of fun. Dave works as a sporting equipment sales representative for a wholesaler.

Girl or Boy requested: either and twins if they don't mind

Age requested: 0-12 months

Child's Name: undecided

Nursery/Theme: neutrals green/cream

Likes/dislikes: Likes: love to scrapbook, read, fish, ride bike, play on computer, take pictures, ride 4 wheeler, and spend time with family. Dislike: dishonesty and whining.

Hobbies/Collections: scrapbooking, I collect cherished teddies and Dave collects World War II memorabilia.

Favorite fragrance/Scents: vanilla, roses, and light scents

Favorite author or book: Judith Michael, romance novels and mysteries

Favorite movies: Its a Wonderful Life, Scooby Doo cartoons and comedies

Favorite music: country n' western, blues, oldies, rock n' roll but we listen to everything

Registered: nope

Anything you would like us to know about you: I am a very optimistic type of person who always tries to see the good in a situation or person. We try to live life to the fullest because you never know what the future holds for you. We are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle with exercise and healthier food choices. We want to learn about Chinese culture and China.

Roger & Regina Hawkins

Introduction: - I am Regina and my DH is Roger, we live in Cypress, Texas just northwest of Houston. We have three grown children from my husband first marriage and two furry children who are 4 years old. ( Our labradors- Bonnie and Clyde) My husband is over operations for a national ceramic tile company and I work in operations for a local nutritional supplement wholesaler. We stay extremely busy and yet I don't really know what it is we are doing but rarely have time for anything!!

Girl or Boy Requested: Girl
Age Requested : 6-12 months
Childs Name: Not sure yet, looking at Rachel, Reese, Ashley and a few others
Nursey / Theme: Haven't decided yet, planning to start looking at fabrics soon.
Likes/ Dislikes: Easier to list a few dislikes for example anything hot pink or any other neon color
Hobbies / Collections: We both love listening to music ( all kinds) and watching movies. My husband really enjoys classic cars (corvettes and mustangs)
Favorite Fragrance or Scent: I have allergies, so I have to be careful and selective for fragrances / candles etc- most of them upset my allergies.
Favorite Movies: Tombstone, Secondhand Lions, Fried Green Tomatoes plus I enjoy a good scary movie but it has to be good not a cheesy one.
Registered at what store: Not registered yet
Anything else you would like your pal to know: We are excited and look forward to every minute of this journey!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Steven and Tina Miles

Let me introduce ourselves my name is Tina and my DH is Steven we have been married 11 years, we have no biological children unless you consider our 2 dogs Buddy who is a mix of chow shepherd and golden retriever who is 7 years old and Bella who is a long haired dachshund who is 1 year old. They are our babies and are very spoiled.

Girl or Boy Requested: Girl

Age Requested : 0-12 months

Childs Name: Aiyana (chinese name) Miles

Nursey / Theme: Winnie the pooh with butterfly curtains you can see pics of the nursery @

Favorite Color: Purple

Jobs: I am a dental assistant and Steven works for corning inc. and is also going to college for computer repair.

Hobbies / Collections: We both love listening to music ( all kinds) and watching movies. Steven likes working with computers, wood working and anything around the house.
I love to cook/bake as well as sewing. I am teaching myself how to quilt and scrapbooking, and I have to say I am having a lot of fun doing it! I enjoy walking and exercising as well.

Favorite Fragrance or Scent: Lavender and cinnamon apple

Favorite Movies: I collect disney movies and steve loves the military movies but we both really like any funny or scary movies

Registered at what store: Toys R Us and Walmart

Anything else you would like your pal to know: I have started collecting fabric for our 100 good wishes quilt and am enjoying every bit of it.

We are very easy going people but like everyone else we are very anxious to bring our little girl home.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Cathy and Corey Pie'

Name and a little intro-We are Corey and Cathy Pie' from Fort Collins, CO. We have two sons Justin (4) and Nicholas (2). We have 4 cats, who were our first babies. We enjoy spending time together as a family.

Girl or Boy requested We want a girl!!

Age requested We asked for 0-12 months

Child’s name Victoria (Chinese Name) Pie' and we will call her Torie

Nursery/theme The room is painted a light purple close to lilac. The curtains and bedding are all a cute baby themed Noah's ark with animals and ABCs. All the furniture is white.

Likes/dislikes We are pretty easy going.

Hobbies/Collections I love scrapbooking and quilting!!! Love the 100 good wishes quilt idea since it combines two of my favorite hobbies. I love anything cat themed.

Favorite fragrance or scent Freesia

Favorite movies I enjoy comedies and spy/action movies. We love 24 and Alias. We watch all sorts of movies.

Favorite music VERY picky about my music and only listen to a select few artists.

We are not registered anywhere.

Anything else you’d like your secret pal to know about you? We are looking forward to this fun, positive way to spend the time. I'm sure we will love whatever you send our way:) We are VERY impatient and can't wait to have our daughter join our family.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

dianne and dave

1. Add your name – and a little intro about you and your family
Hi! We are David & Dianne, aged 41, from Venice, CA. Sophie will be our first child. David and I are writers and artists, and Dave does his own comic book. We have 2 cats and a dog, and we love to travel, although we cannot afford to often. I garden. We love animals and animal rights causes. We love meeting foreigners and getting to know them. We're not religious. We like the beach, board games, foreign food, hanging out at home together, making up our own funny songs, and being silly

2. Girl or Boy requested We want a girl.

3. Age requested We asked for 0-6 months, or AYAP

4. Child’s name Sophie Lee (Chinese Name) Yurkovich

5. Nursery/theme Well, the room is blushed cotton, like a very pale sandy pink, and the furniture is a shabby chic sort of burgandy. We have some art that we bought from the Our Chinese Daughters Foundation, and we have some pages from a really old ABC book that we framed. We like the retro 40s-50s look, as long as it's not little cherub babies with blond hair, as Sophie will not look like that. We like the shabby comfy look and vinatge things. Our crib was the crib of all my cousins and my brother and sister and I.

6. Likes/dislikes Dislikes things like Disney, Dora, all that merchandising sort of thing, and religious things. Likes old loved items, tin, pictures, toys, childrens 45 records, flowers, ladybugs of course, etc.

7. Hobbies/Collections I sew and garden. Dave draws all the time by hand and on the computer

8. Favorite fragrance or scent Jasmine :) real perfume is too strong for me.

9. Favorite movies Woody Allen, Fargo, I (heart) Huckabees, Harry Potter, LOTR, Rushmore, those types of things :)

11. Favorite music Huffamoose, Cake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rush, Fountains of Wayne, old jazz, Matthew Sweet, Beatles, Tatoo

12. Registered at what store(s) Target and Baby's "R" Us under Dianne Pearce and David Yurkovich

13. Anything else you’d like your secret pal to know about you? Yes, we really appreciate it and are looking forward to the fun! We are impatient as heck!

The Kramer's from Kentucky

Name: Michael and Kim Kramer
Girl or Boy: Girl!
Age Requested: 6-18 Months!
Child's Name: Most likely Emma
Nursery/Theme: Bedding is the Emily collection from Pottery Barn Kids (Pink, Yellow, Pale Green)
Pets: Jack Russell named Jack (what else!) and a cat named Kozmo Kramer (You can tell what we watch!)
Likes/Dislikes: I am very easy to please! I love the outdoors, hiking, traveling.
Hobbies/Collections: Working in the yard. Not a big collector but I love anything that had some thought behind it! Shopping (Love Target)
Favorite Fragrance: I like Bath and Body Works scents:Vanilla, Coconut or soft scents
Favorite Author or Books: Nicholas Sparks or Danielle Steele; I like romance novels, books about China and adoption books
Favorite Movies: My Best Friend's Wedding, Sweet Home Alabama (love comedy and romance)
Favorite Music: Country
Registered at what stores: None yet but most likely Target, BabiesRUs and PBK
Anything else you would like your Special Pal to Know: Check out my site!